Week 5 & 6: the weight loss game

136 lbs and counting down

I bet you are just like me,  you hate the scale. The scale that sits mockingly on your bathroom floor waiting to judge you quietly is not your friend. Even if you’re thinking right now that you don’t have beef with your scale,  he’s still not your buddy. He’s never been on your side and If you indulge in too much brownie-a-la-mode, you make sure to avoid him for at least a week.

I hate my scale too but I’ve recently found a new liking to him because he’s no longer counting up when I step on him for a reading of my current weight,  he’s counting down!

If you’ve been following this blog then you already know that I’ve been on a new path of eating. This isn’t a diet but a lifestyle change that has truly changed my life,  what I eat,  and how I think about food. It has opened my eyes beyond steering clear of the office donut and fast food run. It’s not about fat-free and sugar substitutes,  it’s about micronutrients and how they’re supposed to work for you.

A long sad journey

I think a lot of us can say that about our weight loss plans. As a country,  the USA is grossly overweight and no one cares. Our doctors rather put us on pills or tell us to “diet” while skinny supermodels like Heidi Klum can delivery a baby one day and show up on the runway 6 weeks later with a flat tummy. Whose on our side?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad because super models are skinnier than I am. I’m just mad about the fact that we’ve been taught to eat the wrong way all our lives in order to stay thin, keep in shape, or to lose weight. This whole time I’ve been struggling to lose 30 + pounds after two pregnancies when all I had to do was consider the micronutrients in my food.

How does it work?

It’s stupid simple and very easy. It’s been so easy to lose weight that I’ve been reflecting on how much I struggled before this. I used to work out and eat “diet” type foods such as flavored rice cakes and other low calorie snacks to try and tide me over till lunch time. I looked at labels for low fat, low calorie frozen meals and other packaged goods. And while I was spending money, energy, and time being frustrated with my fat self I never knew that my body was also frustrated with me.

“Feed me!” My body cried as I gave it more diet food. I didn’t know and no one told me that all I had to do was up my micro nutrient intake.

It is a super simple concept with phenomenal results. At first, I was skeptical, just like you are right now as you read this. I was still skeptical as I bought my organic vegetables my grass fed beef, and my free range chicken. I was still skeptical even after I shelled out $90 for grass fed whey protein and over $200 for a multivitamin that I never heard of before. But the concept made sense and the multivitamin made sense so it just had to work, right?

When I started blogging about this new way of eating I was 145 pounds. I was overweight for my 4 foot 11 frame and I was tired of being a fat mom. I do know firsthand that diets do not work they never work they never did and never will no matter how much you try and how much you keep up at it. I learned that I will never get to where I want to be by eating the mass produced insufficient food that is being marketed to us and sold to us by big business.

So every Friday when I step on the scale I am excited to see that again I lost another pound or another 2 pounds. Everytime I try to fit into a piece of clothing I wore 3 or 4 years ago, it is exciting for me to see how I’m starting to fit into all my old clothes. This summer I look forward to being the fit and healthy mom on the beach. This year I look forward to completely changing who I am for myself and my family and I’m doing it by changing the way I eat.

Note: Calton Nutrion and it’s affiliates did not pay me to review their products or take this “micronutrient challenge” that I am blogging about. What I write is my own experience, my own personal opinion, and my own results. However if you’re thinking about changing the way you eat and think about food, use this link here to earn $5 off your first purchase. It also gives me $5 towards my next purchase of multivitamins.

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