Week 3 & 4 Micronutrient Miracle challenge

The past two weeks have been a bit tough on my diet. I learned that eating out and eating at other people’s houses poses a challenge. In addition I learned that it’s better to be polite than to B.Y.F. (bring your own food) when invited to Christmas dinner with the family. This is week 2 & 3 of the micronutrient miracle challenge.

Week 3 was Christmas week and like every year we had several houses to visit in a two-day span. So I was faced with the question of if I should bring my own food or eat what was there? I decided to eat what was being posted by my hosts.

Of course I think they would have understood that I was watching what I eat but then I thought about the time and energy that goes into Christmas dinner and decided that it was worth having tamales and ribs. Needless to say I gained a few pounds and I am now at 140. The good thing is that I’m back on track again eating healthy organic meals with my family.

In the past 2 weeks we ate out 3 times!  This is a lot for us because I don’t like eating at restaurants. Call me weird but I don’t know who is cooking my food and I don’t like that.  I also don’t like eating off plates with silverware that a bunch of other people used before me. In addition, trying to find foods on a menu that doesn’t cater to my organic diet is impossible. Not one dish totally satisfied my dietary needs.

One time I ate a chicken fajita salad. Another time I had chicken fried steak and the other time I had grilled chicken with pasta. I couldn’t find any way to make my diet work at a restaurant without having to disemble a plate of food. Even then,  having to take apart a whole meal and picking through food is more trouble than I think it’s worth so I opted to just eat the GMO and enjoy what I’m eating.

So the past 2 weeks have been a big learning experience for me. Not only will I start to gain weight again if I deter too far off my diet, my food choices in restaurants are of poor and inadequate quality no matter how good it taste. It’s a much healthier option to cook at home rather than frankinstein a meal at a restaurant and risk looking like a food weirdo.

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