Week 2 of the Micronutrient Miracle challenge

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And the fat continues to come off!

This week I just drank the Nutrience multivitamin instead of making the cheesecakes or trying out the pudding. I think that when it comes to the cheesecake recipes, the chocolate one is better than the vanilla but I’d still rather drink it than to eat it. I don’t care for the taste of the cheesecakes because of the stevia aftertaste. I dislike stevia and I greatly dislike the aftertaste. Yes the taste is still in the Nutrience multivitamin shakes but it is easier to drink it down than to sit there and eat a serving of cheesecake with a more apparent stevia taste.

Anyway, this week I am pleased to share that I lost another 2 pounds. So far that is a total of 7 pounds since I started this new way of living. I will report however that I have cheated a bit. I have eaten rice two times and I did have a slice of bread. In addition, Saturday I had a holiday party that I attended and even though I stayed clear of the rice, I still had chicken and beans which I know weren’t organic. Then there were the two corn tortillas I ate which I’m sure were GMO. Should I feel horrible? No because if I don’t lose any weight this week then I know I only have myself to blame. Oh damn you, holidays for all that enticing food! Then I had a chocolate chip cookie.

I am now weighing in at 138 lbs. I haven’t been 138 lbs in over 2 1/2¬†years when I first got pregnant with our first child. I tried on some of my old clothes and they’re starting to fit. I still have a lot of extra weight to shed in the midsection from 2 pregnancies but I feel great. I am really happy about the results I am seeing and all I’ve been doing is eating organically and taking Nutrience twice a day with a natural whey protein.

Keep posted on my progress by following the blog. Share your experience below or comment if you’d like. I’d love to hear from you.

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