Week 2 & 3 Organic Menu

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Where’s the chicken?

I fell a little behind on posting the meals I’ve been eating to the organic menu. Below are a few things I came up with all by myself in addition to 1 item I made from the Micronutrient Miracle book. I haven’t spent too much time trying to make anything from the book because a lot of the recipes call for too many ingredients that I just don’t have stocked in my kitchen or use on a regular basis. I’ll try to cook more recipes from the book so I can share how I like or dislike them.

It’s been chilly outside so I made some chicken soup. It didn’t come out too great. I think I needed to add more salt. I tend to not add enough when I cook even when I do a taste test. This was pretty basic: boil chicken in pot of water with onion, garlic, salt, pepper. The veggies I added included russet potato, carrots, zucchini and squash.


The below is a picture of the Cauliflower cheesy hash browns recipe that is in the book. I will say that the recipe was good however you totally know you aren’t eating hash browns. In addition I think the taste of garlic is a bit too pronounce as cauliflower really absorbs the garlic flavor and in my opinion is a bit much. This is perfect for those days that you really want something like rice or bread because it’s filling and the cheese makes it that much better. I don’t know if I made it right though, mine was a little mushy and burned a little while cooking. Is it supposed to look like mush or like a hash brown patty? I don’t know.


Week 2 & 3 I ate a lot of chicken and below is oven baked chicken wings that I made a dry rub for using pepper, salt, paprika, and cayenne powder. The Sweet potato and squash were grilled with a little salt and olive oil. Came out pretty good. I don’t have an exact recipe for the rub but I baked the chicken about 45 min on 350 degrees uncovered.


There’s nothing like a nice juicy cheeseburger! I had mine without a bun and piled on the spinach leafs for a tasty salad. Simple dish but super yummy!

Note: everything is organic unless specified. I am not getting compensated for taking the Micronutrient challenge in any way but you can help support this site by clicking any one of the links to make purchases through this site.


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