Week 2 Food review

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I made a few recipes that I found on the web for quick snacks. When you change your diet in a drastic way, your body tends to crave what you just dismissed from your diet. It’s either that or your brain won’t stop thinking about delicious chocolate or a warm slice of freshly baked bread!

The first recipe I made was for a chocolate peppermint fat bomb. I chose to make fat bombs this week to help boost my healthy fat intake and to give me something to nibble on in-between meal times at work. The first one I made came from this site: Ditchthecarbs.com I made mine using a Lego silicon mold because that’s what I had available at home. If you are new to Ketogenics like I am, the texture of this fat bomb may surprise you. The first thing you’ll notice that it starts off hard (because you keep it in the fridge) but as you chew, quickly melts in your mouth because it’s made of coconut oil. This may turn you off. I was able to keep eating it only because I’m familiar with “oil pulling” so I already know what it’s like to have a mouth full of oil. In addition, the taste is different because you’re using a sweetener, not actual sugar. You may want to add a little more peppermint or a little more cocoa to this recipe to combat the strangeness of eating it. I made these as directed however the sweetener I used was Pyure, and I used 2 packets instead of one.


Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs


The second recipe for fat bombs that I tried comes from CraftedKeto.com and this one was a little easier to eat because it incorporates PB2 Chocolate peanut butter powder. The more PB2 you add, the more you change the texture. This recipe is also coconut oil based so while you still get melted coconut oil in your mouth, it isn’t as shocking to eat. The flavor was also a little better to taste. I didn’t have the chocolate peanut butter PB2 so I used the regular peanut butter PB2 with a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. I also added 1 packet of Pyure sweetener. I made these with a pumpkin silicon mold that I have. I added one unsalted almond to each for added fat and protein.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Both fat bombs helped to curb my appetite and keep me going in-between meals. I enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter fat bombs better than the peppermint chocolate but I still ate those as well. I also think that maybe confectioners sweetner instead of granular may work best in these recipes as I found that the granular didn’t dissolve very well in the coconut oil. Stay tuned for more food-related reviews as I continue on my Ketoginic diet challenge.

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