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When I first saw this cute little heart shaped basket on How Wee Learn, I thought that it looked simple enough to do with my toddlers even though the age recommendation was at least 9 years older than they are. I quickly learned that I had to keep referencing the pictures to make sure I was weaving correctly. Even though it took me some time to figure it out after a little bit of frustration (lol), the baskets came out nice. Below I try to give you a visual and some encouragement if you plan on making these for your loved ones:


First things first,¬†cut your ovals on the “long” side of the construction paper. The picture above shows that I cut on the short side of the construction paper. I don’t recommend you do this unless you make your ovals very skinny because you won’t be able to weave through such large slits later. You need 2 sheets of paper for each basket.


I learned that the cuts need to be almost all the way across the construction paper, otherwise you can’t weave the rest of the paper through. See the picture above? Yeah, you want the slits to go almost to the edge.

weaving basket

Next is weaving. You’re not going to go “over/under” you are going to go “in/over” instead.


I hope these pictures give you an idea of how each strip of one construction paper interacts with the other construction paper. I found that I had to weave the first two and then weave the last one after the others were done in order to get everything weaved together. After you got it done, adjust a bit so that your heart takes on a better “heart” shape.


Confused? So was I and if this little tutorial just frustrated you, head on over to How Wee Learn. I think her pictures might be a little easier to follow. Have fun!

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