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Simple crafts make for loads of fun, especially for the 2 and under crowd. This is an easy valentines day craft that you can do with toddlers but be warned that it can get messy because you’re using watercolors. I did this craft with my 1 and 2 year olds. I still have to make sure my 1-year-old doesn’t put the craft supplies in her mouth but she enjoyed painting the coffee filters as much as my 2-year-old did.


Coffee filters (as many as you want to make)

water color paint or food coloring & water mixture

brushes, sponges, q-tips, ect (for painting with)

paper towels/rags (to help keep the work area clean and to set the coffee filters on to dry)

I used food coloring in separate little bowls of water to do this craft. The reason why I didn’t use water colors is because I didn’t have any on hand so I got a little inventive. We used basic colors: orange, red, blue, and green that you can find in a standard food coloring set. I placed a plastic lid under the wok area to catch drips and put a roll of paper towels on standby.


Needless to say the girls went right to work. While they brushed and mixed the colors, I kept the area clean and as neat as possible.

suncatcher painting.jpg

Now while they are painting away it may seem like there isn’t enough color but keep in mind that these are going to go on the window and the idea isĀ for the light to shine through it. The color should be light. I waiting until each one dried before cutting the shapes out. This also allowed my girls to paint on as much area as possible. As you can see below we had an array of color.


It takes a few hours or so to dry but once they are you can cut these into any shape you’d like and stick on your windows with a bit of tape.



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