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Easy Toddler Valentine’s Craft

Holidays are great times to create crafts with your little ones. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to find age-appropriate crafts but I found that this valentine’s day heart craft is very easy for little hands and age appropriate for a 2 year old. Plus it was a great way to utilize some dollar store finds that I stocked up on recently. So I suppose if I add everything together, I spent about $5.

First I let the little ones color with washable markers on the hearts. I like washables because they’re easier to clean off hands and clothes.┬áThe hearts are made of a foam material so they’re bendable yet sturdy. My one-year-old helped out with this part and they had fun making a ton of dots on one of the hearts.


Then I put globs of glue all over each heart and let my 2-year-old stick various objects on each so that each heart had it’s own decoration. For this part of the project, my 1-year-old couldn’t join in without sticking anything in her mouth so we let her hold onto an unopened glue stick.


We used color macaroni for some, followed by mini pom poms and stickers on others.

pom poms



After we decorated the hearts, I strung them together one above the other using good old fashion needle and red thread. Since the hearts are made out of foam, I didn’t have to worry about tearing them when I tied the knots. I tried to take a good picture to show how I threaded the hearts and where I made the knots .


Tada! All done! I hung it up in the window of my daughters’ room so now every time I go in there with them my oldest always points at the window and says, “heart.”

toddler heart craft


This is s super simple and inexpensive way to spend quality time with your little ones. It teaches them how to follow instructions, hand-eye coordination when placing each object on the glue, and allows them to get creative with color, different textures, and objects. It’s a rewarding experience for them to see something they created and it’s rewarding for you too as a parent to know that you taught your child something new.

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