Thrive Market vs Direct Eats

The battle for the online food shopper. A review.

Online shopping has been a god-send to me. I do about most of my shopping online. If I could have my milk and eggs delivered to my door when I need them just by ordering from my cell phone,  I totally would! But until that day comes about,  I’ll order everything else.

I’m an online shopper for 2 reasons only: my husband and children hate the stores and it’s more convenient for me. While I may not shop at many stores online,  I do have my “staple” stores that I like to browse for items and to check prices. Two of the most recent ones I’ve shopped are Thrive Market and Direct Eats.

There’s pros and cons to both websites but I’ve found that each has its advantages. Both of these stores claim to offer healthy foods for people with specific diet needs. Diabetic and need to eat sugar free?  No worries,  we got you!  Have a glucose allergy?  No problem, just use the search filters already provided. Paleo? Vegan? Organic? Check the box,  it’s covered! While all this sounds awesome,  still there’s some things I love and other things I dislike about each.

Direct Eats

This wholesale company ships specialty foods all over the country (USA) in bulk so you have to buy bulk. They’re the new Costco of the Internet and I am expecting this company to get better as time goes by.
1. No minimum purchase. Buy as little or as much as you need.
2. No membership.  Great for those of us that don’t plan on buying on a regular basis.
3. No shipping fee!
3. Caters to local foods and specialty foods so you can explore different options that were previously unavailable to your market.
4. Carries some known brands

1. Lots of unfamiliar brands. Direct Eats can do better in promoting what they are offering with samples, product highlights, blog posts to entice us to try something new and get consumers to buy.
2. Shipping time is long.  It takes a full week to get products at my door. Now this may be due to my proximity to Direct Eats location but I really don’t know. All I know is that I wait 5-6 days for an order.

The best features about Direct Eats is the no minimum purchase, no shipping fee,  and no membership fees. That alone is enough to get me to purchase again just as long as the price is right and I need the quantity.

Thrive Market

Thrive has done a lot of promoting including celebrity health gurus singing their praise. I think I received emails from them every day before I finally decided to buy something and I’m glad I did. You’ll find lots of brand names here. While Thrive takes a slightly different approach to catering to the healthy food enthusiast from Direct Eats, there’s lots to consider here too.

1. Lots of well known and slightly known brands
2. Fast shipping.  I get my order within 3 days of placement.
3. Affiliate and benefits program for savvy shoppers looking to save more.
4. They donate a membership to a family in need of access to healthy food for every paid membership. Oh look you just became a philanthropist!
5. More than just food.  You can pick up some all natural products as well including toys, toiletries, and dishes.

1. Minimum purchase of $49 to get free shipping.  Kind of sucks so make sure you get as much as you need at one time.
2. Membership fee of $59.95. I wish whoever came up with membership fees just never had that idea. I hate them.

When it comes down to it I’d rather not pay a membership but I’m giving Thrive Market a year’s chance to make a believer out of me. If I had to choose only 1 of these online shops right now would cast my bets on Thrive Market. The reason is because Thrive carries more of the brands I already love like Dr. Bonners Castile soap at a price only Sprouts Market can match on a sales day. And I don’t really feel like having to go to Sprouts to buy it when I’m lazy.

In addition I would still keep Direct Eats in my arson of online shops because the company is still growing. I think by adding elements such as blog posts and getting more people to review products can help the rest of us get out of our comfort zone and try something new. Direct Eats is onto something that has potential. In fact both companies offer benefits to consumers interested in what they have to offer: a healthier lifestyle.

Notice: while no one paid me to review their website, you can click here to try out a Thrive Market membership free for 30 days. I get some credit for your shopping experience for the referral and you get 15% off your purchase. That’s a good deal in my book.

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