The No Poo challenge USA, LLC

“No Poo!”
If you tell someone you don’t “poo” they may look at you sideways, may think you’re joking, or may be totally clueless yet interested in what the hell “no poo” is.

I wondered the same thing about a year ago when I first read about it off someone’s all natural website. I wondered what kind of crazy person would just stop using shampoo?  I soon learned that these “poo-free” blogging mommas used baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner (weird). Each one raved about having healthy, soft hair and how they got it. the natural way just so happens to be more cost efficient than buying into an expensive Wen haircare system or budget friendly Herbal Essences. I had to try it too!

My first attempt was a complete failure and I didn’t like it. After a week I feel off the wagon and went back to my poo. Just recently after reading a post about no-pooing  on the site,  Keeper of the Home, I learned there’s an awkward transition period you and your hair must go through before reaching poo-free bliss.

So here I am 3 days into my new no poo challenge! I have to say that my hair feels dry😂, my hair is unmanageable,  and no amount of brushing gets the knots out. But I hear there’s light at the end of the tunnel and if I keep going towards that light I’ll make it. Only then will I be able to strip away my dependence on the traditional haircare system. Only then will I be able to join the ranks of the no-pooers!

So join me in my no poo challenge, on this journey that I currently make on my own. And we’ll see if I can make or over the hurdle of the awkward next few weeks.

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