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Recently…about a month ago I picked up a book called “The Micronutrient Miracle.” I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about buying such a book, especially one that states it’s a 28-day plan to loosing weight. However, Wellness Mama sent out an email before the book launch and if I spent just $15 on the book, I’d get a bunch of money to spend online at a few healthy food websites. Hmmm…seemed like a good trade off for me because I always wanted to try some real grain fed, free range chicken. I already love the eggs!

When the book came in I started reading just to find out more about what micronutrients are and why should I be concerned with them. I was flabbergasted with what I read in only the first few chapters of the book. I felt lied to, cheated, mad, concerned for the health of myself and my family. All this time I always thought I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle but it was in fact a non-healthy lifestyle full of lies!

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Why do I say my lifestyle was full of lies? Did I secretly cheat myself out of my healthiness and that of my family’s? No, I just wasn’t aware of the fact that many of our food sources are actually really bad for us. In fact, the authors, Jayson and Mira Calton, state that commercial foods (including fresh produce and meats) are micronutrient deficient due to mass farming and the need by farmers of all kinds to provide “quantity” not “quality” food for the masses. Feel like a herded sheep? I know I did when I read this.

It doesn’t stop there, GMO plays a major role in our micronutrient deficiency because even though it makes plants sustain pesticides and pests alike, it actually hurts the nutritional value of the plant itself. In addition, the pesticides sprayed on the plants, hinder it’s ability to grow effectively and produce the nutrients it should be getting from it’s natural environment, i.e. from the sun and the earth. Speaking about the earth, as if our nutrients weren’t already in jepordy, our topsoil is in trouble as well, and this also takes away from nutrients that should be in the food that the plant is growing for us.

So how does this affect you and me? Even if you don’t like vegetables, you do like meat, right? Well guess what? The mass produced meats on the market are fed GMO crops of various kinds such as corn and soy. They eat the poorly produced foods and then we eat them. This means that we too are getting poor nutrients. In addition, many live in crowded, unnatural situations. Why does this matter to you and me? Even if you’re not an animal lover and even if you don’t care what kind of conditions they live in, maybe you should care about why kind of conditions your food lived in! Why? Because these unnatural living conditions lead to sickness and lead to the over use of antibiotics which we already know is bad, bad, bad for us to overindulge in. That also means it’s bad for our food to indulge in because guess what? We eat those antibiotics too! Here’s some food for thought: Sick animals = sick people!

Micronutrients Anyone?


Micronutrients are all of your vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids that if ingested and absorbed by your body properly actually makes you function properly. Living in a pre-packaged world, getting these vital micronutrients should be easy right? No, because no one is looking out for you. There’s a lot of other bad ingredients that are packaged right in with things you are eating that you might think is healthy. To fully divert your eating habits away from micronutrient vampires that zap nutrients right out of your mouth, The Caltons recommend you read the labels of the foods you buy, and buy produce that hasn’t traveled more than 100 miles (if fresh) and organic (at every opportunity).

In addition to eating, there’s also a flaw with multivitamins. Now I am a multivitamin taker and I take my prentals daily because I want to provide as much nutrients as possible for my 9 month old that I nurse. I learned that it should have vitamin K for bone health (which it doesn’t have) and should not have iron. My GNC Prenatal multivitamins with DHA is ineffective because it’s missing vitamin K, has iron (which competes with 10 other nutrients and that I should take separately) and has a bunch of “cheap” and single sources of B vitamins in addition to copper which is totally not needed. The only good thing I can see that my multivitamin has is an appropriate amount of Calcium (600 mg). Wow, that sucks.

The problem is, is that most of us are in this boat. We’re taking our multivitamins everyday in hopes that it helps us to be a little more healthier even if we don’t eat as healthy as possible with the occasional fast-food outing that we regret later. But I touched on something you probably never heard before about iron-competition!

When my husband was going to school to become a massage therapist, he learned a lot about the body which included health. It actually opened the door and inspired me to pursue a more natural way of living. I ditched a lot of the chemical cleaners from our home and even put my baby in cloth diapers. He told me that multivitamins were a waste of time and money to take because they cancel out each other. I didn’t really know what all that meant or if I should be concerned with it since everywhere you look, you either have to take 100 pills a day of separate pills to get all your vitamins or you can take a multivitamin and hope for the best. Those were the only 2 options so I stuck with less pills.

Fast-forward to today and I’m reminded of those words he said a few years back in The Micronutrient Miracle book. The Claytons also saw that even though there was a ton of research supporting the fact that some nutrients cancel out each other because they compete with each other, there was no way to get around taking 100’s of pills throughout the day to ensure proper absorption of each. So they came up with their own multivitamin which separates them into two groups of compatible vitamins and minerals to be taken twice a day.

The Micronutrient Miracle Challenge

Needless to say this is one diet that I am willing to not only try but stick to because it’s not a “diet” in the sense of eating veggies and fruit all day, it’s a lifestyle change. The Caltons call it being a “nutrivore” because it’s a new way of eating which embraces nutrients, not the elimination of certain things like bread or ice cream. However there are some ingredients you need to stay away from: wheat, soy, MSG, and GMO in addition to several others that I just don’t have time to scan the book for right now which includes ditching plastics to limit BPA exposure. But there are alternatives you can use in place of these items.

While all this information is overwhelming to take in all at once, the Caltons make it easy to shop for the right products. They provide lists of safe foods to buy, lists of brands that are safe to buy, recipes, and meal plans that can be followed daily. Overall, with the information I have gotten from the book, I believe I have all the tools I need to make educated purchases.

To not break the bank all at once, over the course of the next 2 weeks I plan to buy all the condiments and spices I like to use in cooking in an “organic” form because the plan promotes organic eating and recommends buying organic. I will include things like salt, pepper, chili (because we like spice!), tea, coffee, garlic, onions, our multivitamins, and protein powder. October 3rd will be the day I do my actual food shopping to replace anything left over that isn’t apart of the Micronutrient Miracle plan. My shopping list will consist of all the foods I will need for a 2-week meal plan. Why two weeks? Because I can’t spend every weekend buying food and in the course of two weeks is when I need to replace one of our staple items in the house: eggs!

Be on the lookout next week for an update as I continue to explore micronutrients. Join the mailing list to get all the updates about how we are progressing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for giveaways and prizes as we will be giving away several copies of the book and will be posting on these two sites on how you can enter to win your free copy!

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**There is no affiliate association with the Micronutrient Miracle Challenge that is being implemented. I am not getting paid by anyone to do this challenge. However if you follow this link to purchase your own book then I will receive a small commission but that is totally up to you. My ideas, opinion, and thoughts about this challenge and the book are totally unbiased and totally my own.***

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