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There are many weight loss programs out there…more than you can count to be precise. The Gabriel Method is just one in a million, a drop in the bucket of weight loss schemes designed to drain your wallet while you continue to put on weight rather than actually shed those dreaded pounds. Or is it?

Meditate and Lose Weight

The thought of mediating your weight away was a new idea to me as I opened up the email invitation I received a few months ago from a blog I follow on healthy living. This came from someone I greatly admire in the world of healthy eating and living so I am usually all ears when her emails come through. After all, it was through her emails that I found one of the best life-changing products I could ever try: The Calton Nutrition multivitamins. The invitation was to try a FREE 21-day mediation challenge to lose weight. You know I’m all about challenges…especially when they’re free and promote health!

The idea behind the 21-day free meditation challenge for weight loss is that all you have to give up is 10 minutes or less a day to focus on melting the fat away. Sounds easy enough so I picked out a clear quartz crystal to be my meditation partner and asked the hubby to keep the kids at bay while I dedicated 10 minutes in the morning for 21 days.


Jon and the Force Behind the Method

Jon isn’t your typical in-shape, always had a perfect form, always ate healthy, and always was healthy kind-of-guy. He was obese at one point and very unhappy about it. Hmmm…sounds like a lot of us (even me). However, one day he had a life-changing event take place that forced him to change the way he thought. Jon was slated to be on flight 93 on 9/11 and because he missed his flight, he missed the chance of dying that day with so many others.

Jon started to employ the powerful force of ‘thought’ and he literally thought about his ideal body and his ideal weight. He used the power of his mind to think the fat away without diet, without exercise… at least that’s how the story goes.

How it Works

The 21-day challenge is available and free to anyone who wants to try it out. All you have to do is sign up and then you have access, each day, to a new mediation. Each day a new meditation is emailed to you and all you have to do is click the link. Each meditation is actually around 8 minutes long so don’t think you’re giving up a big chunk of your time. I know, that 10 minute commitment was such a deal breaker, right? You sit comfortably, relax, and let the music and the voice of Jon Gabriel or Carol Look take you on a guided meditation of weight loss and self-reflection. But, you have to be quick because the clock is ticking and you have a time limit of 2 or 3 days to do a meditation once it’s emailed to you. Make sure you have that 10 minute time slot locked down in your calendar!

My Experience

I was thrilled to try it out and was both skeptical about the program yet excited to try an alternative method of weight loss. Jon and Carol both have different form of deliveries and it took a little time getting used to both of their voices and styles. Each meditation is designed to delve into a different part of your mind, releasing thoughts, emotions, and anything that may be hindering your weight loss. Reading through the different comments I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling confused or feeling like past hurts were coming up while I sat and tried to focus on white light and my naval. Some people cried while other people found release from mental pains that plagued them for years and quite possibly could have contributed to their weight gain the first place. After-all, depression, anxiety, and stress can cause weight gain just like like it can cause weight loss.

One of my most memorable moments while mediating on my weight loss was the visualization process. I think this can be tricky because your mind can easily wonder off. But while you’re thinking about cleaning the kitchen, your subconscious is still taking in the meditative phrases that are repeated over and over again in each session. No, they don’t constantly say the same sentence the whole time but they repeat certain phrases several times throughout each mediation. So at one session I was thinking of the most peaceful situation I think I could ever be in and it brought tears to my eyes. I was laying on a beach, feeling the sand under my feet on a beautiful sunny day. My husband was close by but behind me and we both were watching our three children play at the waters edge. They would look at us with big smiles, laughing, and having fun. My heart filled with love at watching this moment play out in my mind. It was total peace. The interesting thing about this visualization is that I don’t have three children, I have two. Does that mean I am destined to have a third? I don’t know but it was a wonderful feeling to be there with my family.

So did I loose weight? No. However I was motivated to work out and eat better every day. I started running on my treadmill again and lifting light weights. I feel healthier and happier even though I still have a lot of work to do. Every day before I go to work, I wake up an hour earlier just to run or lift weights. I think the 21-days I spent mediating in my room allowed me to find that inner motivation I needed to push myself to work out. So do I think you can mediate your weight away while doing nothing at all to make it happen? probably not but I didn’t do more than the 21-days. I didn’t buy the program or join the online group that you have to pay for. Do I think this method is a scam? No. Although there is plenty to buy and plenty of testimonials to “prove” that the method really works, there’s also plenty of freebies that you can download either listen to or watch. Plus you get emails with special offers and other goodies every so often in your mailbox if you sign up for the emails. So I think it’s worth the try for anyone looking to change their lifestyle, feel better about making a keeping a goal to loose weight, and for motivational purposes in order to keep going.


***Please note that I am not affiliated nor do I get any kind of commission, sign up bonuses, fees, kick backs, kudos, or anything else that would benefit me from Jon Gabriel or his affiliates. I tried the 21-day mediation out of my own free will and my opinions and thoughts on this program are truly my own and don’t belong to anyone else.****

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