Mini Polaroids made simple!

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The Easiest Mini Polaroids!

When I first saw mini Polaroids on Pinterest, I thought it was the best idea for a gift ever! Of course I pinned it and saved it until I was ready to actually make my own. But one thing I noticed about all the mini Polaroid tutorials I saw online is that they require a few other materials besides printer ink and picture paper. Do you really need to have backing board glue paint and a paintbrush  just to make these? No, all those materials are for the birds. Here’s a simpler and faster way to make cute mini Polaroids for all your friends and family.

mini picss

Keep it simple/keep it cheap!

I like things to be as simple as possible. I don’t think crafts need to be hard or difficult to do or require so many different materials that by the time you’re done buying everything it’s costing you 30 $40 for something that should really cost you maybe a few bucks. I realized that I could make mini Polaroid without having to glue and paint sides and cut out extra materials. And it all starts with your printer.

Photo paper
Magnet sheets

After you sort through all your photos and gather the ones you want to make it to magnets, I suggest you put this into its own file so that they’re easier to select when you are ready to print. I have an HP Envy printer at home on my Mac desktop computer. First, I selected all of the pictures I wanted to print by using the command function. Using the regular HP software that is installed for the printer I changed the settings so that I could print many pictures on one sheet.


Change the sheet size from “standard” to “contact sheet”. Change paper size and paper to photo and appropriate size. Go to “customize” to change the settings for how many pictures print on each sheet.  You can customize it to make the pictures as little or as big as you want them to be. If you want there to be a title of the picture underneath it that prints out, you need to change the name of the picture before you try to print it. You also need to have text selected so that it will show up.


After you have all this ready to go, print out your pictures and cut them out to size. Below is a picture of a sheet of a bigger “mini polaroid” which was great for those that like bigger pictures.

full sheet

You don’t have to make the edges perfect but I suggest trying to cut the pictures out as best as straight as you can so that when you stick them on the magnet  sheet you don’t have to cut the picture again.

pics and backing

Make all of the edges as close to the picture as possible but leave the bottom edge long so that it resembles a Polaroid. Stick your picture onto the sticky part of the magnet paper and then cut the magnet to fit the picture.

cousins  20160209_174520.jpg

Now you are all done and you have a very cute mini Polaroid with very little work. These make the perfect gift for anyone. They’re great for any occasion, whether it be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, someone’s birthday, or just a special gift for yourself. I personally has made these for my children’s grandparents and they absolutely loved them. Stick them on the fridge and now you are always reminded of the people you love whenever you’re in the kitchen.

Do you enjoy D.I.Y. and have a ton of “pins” on Pinterest of projects you want to do but don’t like all the steps or all the materials that have to be purchased for one measly little craft? At D.I.Y.erfy we like simplicity because crafting doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s supposed to be fun. Get D.I.Y.erfy in your mailbox by signing up for the weekly newsletter!

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