Product Review: Anolon Advance Cookware Set USA, LLC

Well I’ve had my Anolon Advanced Cookware set for almost a year now so I think this is a safe time to post a review about how I feel about this cookware set. First, a little background info on why I chose this set.

Ditch the Teflon

I had a cheap Teflon set for a couple of years and the cookware had warn out badly. In fact you could say that it was unsafe to cook with just for the mere fact that my Teflon set was very scratched up. Cooking with Teflon pans that have been scratched up is a no-no but I did it anyway. Why is it bad? In a nutshell because Teflon releases toxic fumes when heated that may not kill you and I but if you have a pet bird around, watch out! You’ll only expose yourself to something called “Teflon-flu” which like having the flu but only you didn’t contract it from anyone else. Read more about Teflon here

What I wanted in a new cookware set

  1. durability (must be able to stand up to every day use)
  2. even cooking (I don’t want burnt edges)
  3. long lasting (something that would last years, not “year”)
  4. easy to clean (I don’t have time to scrub)
  5. environmentally friendly (or as close as possible, I don’t know if we’ll ever have a pet bird!)

My search for the right cookware

When we moved to a new place almost a year ago I already expressed the need for new cookware. It was on my “must buy” list of things because I was throwing out my old set. I started researching online and looking at stainless steel sets because if their durability and long lasting appeal. I wanted a set that would last long and handle wear and tear of everyday use as well as cook food evenly. My mother-in-law has a stainless steel set and I must admit that I don’t know how to cook on them because they require a certain amount of oil or butter in the pan to keep food from sticking. Needless to say I always burned food and my food always stuck to her pans. Not only that but they were hard to clean up after and required a soaking to get all the burned or stuck food off. All I have to say is “aint no body got time for that!” So stainless steel was almost out of the question but I still considered it as a top forerunner because it met 4 out of 5 of my needs.

So what next? I checked into cast iron but I really didn’t want my whole cookware set to be heavy and require so much maintenance. I don’t want to have to keep my stuff oiled so it won’t crack! I searched for a few months, meanwhile we made due with a single small pot and a flat tortilla pan that were still useable and not scratched up like the rest of my old set. I found myself back on Amazon again looking at sets one day when I suddenly stumbled upon the beautiful Anolon Advance set.

Love at first sight

Well not really love at first sight but it did catch my eye. The first thing I noticed about the Anolon Advance set is that it looks great and the bronze finish is very classy. It’s stylish and sleek and would go perfect hanging over a kitchen island off one of those hanging cookware racks. It’s the kind of cookware you’d want to show off and when people come over for dinner, you want them to see what you’re cooking on. I debated between this set and a stainless steel set for about a week, reading reviews and weighing out the pros and cons until I finally caved in and bought it. Flash forward to nearly 1 year later and I am still happy with my purchase, which is why I’m sharing this review today. So here’s a pro and cons list to purchasing the Anolon Advance cookware set:


  1. The set is beautiful. You may not get a whole lot to cook with but it’s more than enough once you have it. Everyone that has seen the set thinks it’s gorgeous and now my mother-in-law is ready to replace her stainless steel with an Anolon Advance set too. If I were a professional chef, I’d want this in my kitchen too.
  2. Nonstick surface. Nothing gets stuck for good on these! I’ve overcooked food (rice) a few times and burned the bottom from forgetting about it for an hour. I didn’t have to scrub the pot, just soaked it overnight to get the burned bottom clean. It’s as good as new! Did I mention that there is no scrubbing involved?
  3. Cooks evenly. It really does cook food evenly and nicely and in a way I it also cooks faster than my old set did. Say by-by to hot spots and hello to even heat distribution!
  4. twice as hard as stainless steel and is safe in the oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So you could put it in your oven if you really wanted to.
  5. The silicon handle is sturdy and comfortable to grip. I don’t get tired of holding it!
  6. Safe for steel utensil use and supposedly will not scratch. I still use either silicon spatulas or wooden spoons to cook with because I just can’t put this to the test.


  1. I’m not sure how environmentally friendly this is. Anolon’s website doesn’t state anything about the potential of fumes or exactly what the “hard-anodized” cooking surface is made out of.
  2. Not dishwasher safe! Well the lids are dishwasher safe but the pans and pots are not but for me doesn’t really make a difference because they’re super easy to clean anyway.
  3. The outside bronze coating of my set have a few scratches here an there but doesn’t take away from the overall sleekness and stylishness of the set.

Overall the pros outweigh the cons for me and I would buy this set again and recommend it to friends. I believe it was a great purchase and worth every penny. **Please note that while there is an affiliate involved with this review, I bought this set waaaaaayyyy before ever deciding to review it. In addition, your purchases do help support this site so thank you!**

Want to buy your own set? While you can get your hands on it by going to Macy’s or BedBathandBeyond, but the place that has the best price is Amazon and you can click here to buy it.

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