Rainbow Clean Mud

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Mud, mud, mud, every kid loves mud!  Remember when you were a child making mud pies in the backyard and then slicing it up like a pie? I do, but on rainy days or days too hot to play outside,  kids need alternatives and there’s nothing funner than clean mud. (yeah that was a made up word ).


Clean mud is really easy to make and is really just baking soda and water. It’s when you add the element of color is when it becomes really, really fun. Ok, now that I overused that word, let’s get down the basics.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Age recommendation: 1 + (supervised play)

Tools needed:
Several bowls for different colors
Baking soda
Food coloring

Add desired amount of baking soda to each bowl. A cup for each color is good if you’re going to do several colors.


Now add 5-10 drops of food coloring to each bowl. The more you use,  the deeper the color will be. You can also get creative and mix colors to come up with new ones. I went with green, red, and blue.


Add water. Pour a little at a time until you get the consistency you want. If you end up making it too watery, you could always add more baking soda and food coloring. Mix and get ready to play!


I pour out the colors in the tub and let the little ones play. They loved it and letting them play in the tub keeps the rest of the house from being covered in baking soda. This activity is rated for one year old and up or whenever your child stops trying to eat everything they touch.

Tip 1: use warm water so that the mixture isn’t cold.

Tip 2: this is also a great way to teach toddlers color, mixing color,  and sensory play.

Tip 3: bust out with colorful clean mud before bath time. This way all you need to do is rinse out the tub and then fill it with water. Easy bath time transition!

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