Preschool Alphabet Activity Pack Level 2 USA, LLC

Some of the challenges we have as parents and educators is how to start the process of learning something new. How do we start to teach children the fundamentals of reading? It all starts with the alphabet and being able to identify letters and their associated sounds and then combine them to create words.

This Alphabet Activity pack is designed for preschoolers who can already identify letters and have learned their sounds. It is a step up from Level 1 (which is also available on the Naveen & Reece Etsy store for $5) in that we’ve incorporated words. I tried to keep the words as simple as possible for these beginners so I did my best to stick to 3-letter words as they are easier to pronounce and read than 4-letter words.

The Alphabet Activity Pack Level 2 has over 35 pages of fun learning activities. There is a dedicated page to each letter which involves tracing upper case and lower case, a fun sentence, and picture identification. In addition there are some fun mazes that are a little more challenging than what you’ll find in level 1. There are a few “free-hand” drawing activities to let the imagination run free while giving children a subject to draw about. In this pack there’s also a word search activity and fill-in-the-blanks. At the end, when your child has finished all the worksheets, you can print out the certificate of completion and present it to them as a special reward for completing all the activities.












I think you’ll love this new activity pack just as much as pack 1 because it’s been tested on my own children already and I find it to be age appropriate for at least a 4-year-old that has already learned basic reading skills and words. Stay tuned for more educational activity packs. Subscribe to the DIYerfy email newsletter and check out the Etsy store: Naveeen & Reece.

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