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Some of the most inexpensive craft supplies are sometimes right under your nose! Craft ideas don’t have to consist of a $40 venture to the local Hobby Lobby store and they don’t always have to be super duper great ideas that will knock your socks off and make your friends green with D.I.Y. envy. Crafting should be fun and easy and never difficult and frustrating. That’s one of the reasons why I love crafts geared towards children because they’re typically easy to do, family fun, and a great way to spend time with your little ones.

Plain and simple!

Enter the humble paper plate and gift tissue that are staple items at all birthday parties and may even be lying around your house right now. They don’t have to always be used for food and presents, in fact these can be used to make some awesome crafts with kids. Want to know the second best part of this craft? It’s super cheap! You can find all the items you need at your local dollar store and can make a ton with only $4!

paper plates

Materials needed:

cheap paper plates

colorful tissue paper

Elmer’s glue


Getting Started:

The little ones are going┬áto want to dive right in. My 1 and 2 year old were all over me when they saw me digging through the craft cart. While I cut some shapes out (a bird and a flower), I let them color all over the plates so that they were able to start participating right away. My hubby cut the flower out while I finished cutting up the tissue paper into squares approx. 2×2 inches around but I don’t think it really matters how big they are, just that you want them to be a decent size.


Then I crumbled them up and tried to organize them into respective groups which was kind of hard to do when little hands tried to grab everything right away. Oh toddlers!


With sippy cups standing by for thirsty little workers I put glue all over each shape as we made them. At first my 2 year old wasn’t sure what to do until I showed her that she had to leave the tissue paper on the glue. She got the hang of it right away and went right to using her favorite color, red.


We then moved onto the other shapes.


When I was satisfied that my 2-year-old had it down, I tried getting the 1-year-old involved but she was too interested in eating everything so I just let her color instead.


Afternoon of fun

While this idea may seem mess-free I have to admit to you that it is not. I think they both got glue on their hands, on their clothes, and on the table. On a mess scale of 1-10 I’d say this is about a 3 as long as you can control the use of the glue and as long as your little one gets the hang of it right away. They make for nice decoration additions to a child’s room and I love putting up their little artwork all over the walls.

paper plate crafts

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