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The Crossroads of the West Gun Show comes to Southern California many times in a year and to the city of Ontario, several times a year. This happens to be my favorite location for the show because it’s close to home and we get to go at least once a year. It’s a time when “mom and dad” get to do some shopping without the kids. This year I decided to highlight the show because it’s more than just “guns and ammunition.” In fact, we picked up some great sauces for steak here that are handmade by The Sauce Guys 14. Not sure what sauce you want to buy? Don’t worry, you can sample it before you buy.

packaging worthy enough to be presented as a gift.

There’s a lot to see and buy here besides guns but if you’re looking for a gun, it’s a great way to meet shop owners, ask questions, and take a look at what is on display. Many of them are very knowledgeable and know a lot of about the guns they are selling. We’ve actually purchased several guns from the show before. Of course, in the state of California, you can’t take the gun home with you right after you buy it. There is a waiting period of a few weeks and then you can pick it up at a dealer location near you of your choice. The waiting period is so a background check can be performed which I actually agree with and believe it’s a good thing to have as a law. However on the flip side, I also believe that if a criminal wants to have a gun, he/she is not going to follow the rules like the rest of us because there’s a black market out there that will be happy to provide that person with what they want, in the caliber that they want, regardless of what the laws state.

When purchasing ammunition, there’s no better place that I know of than the gun show. Here you can buy in bulk and get a reasonable price for it. In fact, we usually buy all our ammunition from the gun shows because we save a little money that way.

Some of the other items you can find here are sheets (which I never buy, I’m biased and like Egyptian cotton from an actual store that is near my home in case I want to return them), fine crystal d├ęcor, swords, knifes, different packs, backpacks, holsters, and clothing, stun guns and other self defense items, jewelry, beef jerky, fudge, and gold and silver.

Pic of the show
now that’s a sword!










Can you find Waldo? J/k!
Make your own Bullets!


Some of the great finds I happened to pick up this year include silver. We always talked about putting some money into a security and even though we’ve come to the show for approximately 10 years now, we’ve never bought any gold or silver. I went as far as to look it up online and then got discouraged and stopped looking. Finally we decided to just buy some while talking to a precious metals dealer from Bohemia Collections. There are lots of different types of gold and silver you can buy including different grades of bullion that range in the amount of ounces. We decided on a few silver coins and some break away bars. The bars are neat because each quarter of the bar is 1/4 of .9999 silver and approximately worth $5 today. It can be used for smaller denominations if ever needed and gives flexibility to the ability to negotiate and trade granted that a “doomsday” ever happens. Precious metals are tangible items but unlike buying land, you can transport it and it retains value. Unlike paper money, precious metals are a currency that any world government will recognize. Even though the bars will be saved away as a sort of doomsday fund, they are also being saved for our children.

Silver coin
Pens made out of bullets

Another vendor, BillZWoods, had some neat pens that are handcrafter out of various kinds of wood. They also feature a neat bolt action design that slides just like a bolt action rifle. This is a pretty neat gift for anyone you know of that like guns and it’s also a conversation piece that is unique, elegant, and one-of-a kind. If you aren’t in the area to catch Bill at a gun show, then you can click the business name above and visit the website. They provide gift boxes as well and since these products derive from natural wood sources, no two pens are alike. In addition, they also make children’s toys, handcrafted out of wood.


Some other items we found at this gun show we bought for ourselves and as a gift. The IQ Massager from IQ Technologies may look like one of those “shock” therapy devices that is supposed to help ease muscle pain but in fact it massages your muscle pain. It uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to relieve pain. We tried it out at the show and it felt like a real massage. There were no “little shocks” of electricity or that “bumpy mechanical” feeling you get from other so-called massage devices. No, this simulated actual hands/fingers massaging deep into your muscles. All you need to do is place the pads where you need relieve and turn on the device, set it to your desired intensity and relax. Make sure to drink lots of water as this simulates a deep-tissue massage and helps to release toxins from your body. If you don’t drink water then you run the risk of feeling nausea afterward. What made me purchase two was that I could give one to my mom and step-dad. My mom is always in need of a back massage while my step-dad has gout so he has issues with his feet hurting at times. The neat thing about the IQ massager is that is also comes with sandals to massage your feet with.

Foot massage anyone?
Beautiful handmade cards









The last item I picked up were two beautiful handmade cards that a little girl was selling. You can tell she took a lot of care and thought into each one and she was even making them there. I picked up two so I could save them for my daughters. I thought this was a great way to support a child’s endeavor to create something and help promote whatever seed was planted for entrepreneurship, and also I really liked them too. She did a great job!










In all I would have to say that the gun show is a great event to attend for gun enthusiast and novices alike. There’s also a little something for everything else so if you aren’t a gun-lover or interested in weapons at all, you can still find something you do like here. In addition it is also a great way to see new products that are on the market, ask questions, and gather information on what interests you.

Note: I am not affiliated, nor was I paid in any way by the Crossroads Gun Show of the West or any of the vendors there or reviewed by me in this blog post. They did not solicit my review or give me anything free for my opinion either. My opinion of the show and the products I have purchased there are solely my own and are not influenced by anyone in any way. However if you are interested in learning more about the products I purchased, just click on those business names as they are links to their individual websites.

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