No Poo week 4 USA, LLC


As I near the end of my first month of pooing my hair with baking soda and then following that with apple cider vinegar, I have a few more things I’ve noticed about my hair and the method I am using which still sounds crazy to say.
1. Sometimes my hair feels like it has baking soda in it when it’s dry. I’ve noticed this texture difference happens if I apply coconut oil to my damp hair after a wash.
2. The apple cider vinegar is not like a commercial conditioner! It slightly softens your hair but doesn’t do much for the tangles. You still have to brush, brush, brush! The major difference is that it makes all that brushing more manageable.

3. This may be a given but my hair doesn’t smell fresh and clean like flowers like it did with commercial products. I think I may need to refresh it with some kind of spray. Maybe i can make one out of Distilled water and essential oils such as  lavender or lemon oil?  I did just buy some rose oil I could try. Hmm…
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