No poo week 3

It’s a beautiful new week and I’m sailing through week 3 of my personal no-poo challenge. I’ve learned a few things about my hair that I didn’t know before. I’ve listed them because I’m a nerd and because lists are better to read than paragraphs. (I see you agreeing with me! ):

1. Brush, brush, brush. It’s good to brush and it’s nice seeing the natural shine come through from a thorough brushing.
2. I don’t miss shampoo…or conditioner.  Well I did miss them in week 1 but once I got past that, I don’t miss them anymore.
3. My hair feels thicker and looks a little healthier. I can’t wait for a full head of healthy, shiny hair or the look on people’s faces when I tell them what I use!
4. I stopped using commercial hair products. No more hairspray! No more leave in conditioners! No more chemically enhanced frizz control formulas!

Did I just turn into a baking soda and apple cider vinegar advocate?  Haha, I think I did.  Stay tuned for week 4 and maybe some healthy close up hair pics too.

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