No Poo week 2

Week 1- done
Week 2 -in progress
Week one is done and I can’t believe I made it out alive!  My hair is still on my head although I think it’s suffered minor damages from pulling on it with a brush. I will say that I’ve learned a few things since starting this crazy little adventure:
1. Use a comb during the first few weeks to brush out all the tangles. Brushes will only pull your hair causing split ends.
2. Don’t leave any apple cider vinegar in your hair. You must rinse it all out no matter what! I think that’s why my hair was crispy.
3. There is no set recipe but find one you like.  I like to mix 1/3 cup of  baking soda with water  in a little plastic container until it is runny. I pour it over my head and then massage into my hair followed by a thorough rinse.
4. Hang in there and be prepared to have some very very very bad hair days. Quick and easy buns,  braids,  and twists are about all you’ll be able to do.
Currently my hair is starting to feel softer but at the same time feels like I have a lot of build up.  It isn’t oily but feels thicker. My ends still feel dry but I think I might go for a hair cut once the smoke settles on my new hair regimen. I can brush my hair better than last week but it’s still a challenge. Here’s how I do the no-poo:
1/3 cup baking soda & mix with water right before use.  I have long hair so I like the mixture to be runny. Massage into hair.  Rinse.
Apply apple cider vinegar using a spay bottle. I use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. I spray all over and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

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