No Poo 4 months later USA, LLC

It’s  been four months since I  ditched shampoo and conditioner to try a hair cleansing method that is completely unorthodox. For the past 4 months I’ve been cleaning my hair with baking soda and conditioning it with apple cider vinegar. This is called the “no poo” method and you may encounter many bloggers out there who swear by this method.


So how has it been going so far with this no poo challenge?  My hair feels soft and is pretty easy to brush. While I enjoy not having to wash it every other day like I used to,  there are a few downsides to this method that I’m currently experiencing that I don’t like.


The major thing that I don’t like is that the fine hairs that outline my hairline of my forehead are frizzy and I can’t manage them without hairspray.  I’ve always had a hairline with short hairs but I was always able to tame my hair with a little coconut oil. Now, the coconut oil does nothing for my hairline. This is a downside for me.

Another thing I noticed is that while my hair is super soft, it doesn’t look healthier. I’m not sure if this is because my hair has gone through decades of abuse with me coloring it and using other harmful commercial products, or if this is the result of my new haircare regimen.

I am hoping that in the coming months I can report that the health of my hair has gotten better or that my hairline has become manageable. I have heard of other unorthodox shampoo methods such as clay that I am thinking about exploring. At the same time, I want to give baking soda and apple cider vinegar a little more of a chance to see if it can truely change my dull, dry hair into a beautiful mane of luxurious locks.

On the upside, I love the soft waves I get the day after I wash. I think its my best hair day. How do I get a soft wave look without curling my hair? After I “no poo,” I apply a quarter size amount of coconut oil to my damp hair and then brush it out.  I sleep with my hair damp and in the morning my hair looks fabulous. I apply a little more coconut oil and maybe run my fingers through my hair a bit and I’m done.

Are you a no poo enthusiast? Or maybe just a curious person interested in the crazy ideas other people do?  Leave a comment or follow D.I.Y.erfy for updates on the adventure, crafts, and other d.i.y ideas.

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