Micronutrient Miracle : Goals and Preparation

I wanted to be ready to rock and roll already but there’s a lot of prep work in the amount of funds and shopping list that I have to do first and since I don’t have a lot of money to spend all at once, I have to do it little by little.

The Prep Work

So far I managed to purchase all of my spices. I now have a pantry full of organic spices. I also purchased the multivitamin from Calton nutrition’s website as it just made sense to use a multivitamin that doesn’t compete in your body for absorption.

I chose not to purchase the skinnyfat or their protein powder because these purchases are not cost efficient for me. My husband and I are both taking the 28 day challenge together so we’re already spending $88 on vitamins for 28 days.

Instead I am opting to use organic coconut oil for all the recipes that are sweet and organic olive oil for recipes that are not sweet but call for oil. In addition, as a protein powder option I am going to use ProMix 100% grass-fed whey protein which is  $80 for a 5 pound bottle as apposed to Calton Nutrition’s IN.POWER protein which is at its cheapest at  $39.95 for 12oz. You do the math!

As for the Skinnyfat vs. Organic coconut oil and olive oil, the skinnyfat is at its cheapest at  $34.95 and is only a 25 fl. oz. bottle. You can get two 32 oz bottles of coconut oil for that price or at least a good size coconut oil and olive oil. Yeah,  I’m good!

As for the Nutreince multivitamin,  there’s just no getting around it. There are no comparable products on the market and that kind of sucks because nu

The idea behind the micronutrient miracle is optimum health and that’s exactly what I’m aiming for. The goal is to eat organically and cut out additives that prohibit your body from absorbing nutrients. Needless to say, there’s going to be a lot of cooking during this 28 day challenge so I need to plan carefully.

While the recipes call for all things organic and/or grass-fed, there are a few exceptions in the produce department. The book lists safe foods that don’t have to be organic as well as those they recommend to always be organic.

So how am I going to stock my fridge and pantry with organic foods and still watch my budget? One idea I have is to visit some local farms in my area that grow organic produce. The family and I went to visit a local farm. Amy’s Farm in Chino, CA was pretty close to where I live and we picked up a few items from there like handmade goat cheese.

Some other options I’m exploring for fresh produce and meats include hitting up my local farmers market and Costco.


My main goal is to loose fat. Just like everyone else that struggles with the love handles and extra weight, I want to feel happy about the way I look. My other goal is to eat healthy and feel like a million bucks.

Here’s a little about my current state:
I am 4’11” and I weight 145 pounds. I’m still carrying  around at least 15 – 20 lbs extra from having 2 kids in the past 2 years. I am currently on medication for digestive issues I’ve developed from stress and I hate it.  I also wear glasses because my eyesight sucks and I  have a skin disorder that I never knew I had until after I had my first child. It’s called keratosis pilaris and apparently a common thing that many people have yet don’t know they have it,  like me. Currently it is affecting my upper arms and I don’t wear anything shorter than quarter sleeves to hide it.

I’m hoping that changing the way I eat will not only improve my health and help me lose the weight my body doesn’t need, but that maybe it will help my skin out too. Getting older doesn’t have to come with poor health and a cabinet full of prescription medicine and that’s exactly what I want to stay away from.

Stay tuned because we are going to start this little adventure into healthy eating very soon. Yes I am taking my family along for the ride. I just hope princess doesn’t pull the toddler thing too much and decide not to try to eat what I cook. But I’ve prepared for that outcome too with the healthiest snack recipes I can find that are toddler approved.

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