Micronutrient Miracle: Go!

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Week 1 & Book Giveaway!

I just started the micronutrient miracle plan and will log the foods I eat, try to post pictures and recipes as well as I share with you my progress and review of this new way of eating.

So what made me decide to try this diet as opposed to taking weight loss pills or other popular diet options such as Weight Watchers, Atkins, Liposuction?

When I was reading The Micronutrient Miracle I was attracted to the claim that you don’t have to cut out any foods but the goal was to make organic choices. I hate “diets” because they never work and the problem with them is that I always gain the weight back plus alittle extra. The Micronutrient miracle plan is more of a lifestyle change because I don’t have to eat “lowfat,” “nonfat” anything. Who wants to eat their own tasteless meal while the rest of the family eats something delicious? No one! With the micronutrient miracle my family and I can eat the same food.

I was stunned by the research presented in the book as it was news to me that farmed raised anything was lacking in vital nutrients. In order to get the maximum nutrients, animals should be raised on all natural feed and in living conditions suitable to their natural habitats.

With that said, cows should be pasture raised, chickens should be free range, and fish should be wild-caught. In addition,  no GMO at all! Not fed to the animals, not grown on plants, everything eaten must be GMO-free and pesticide free.

The book provides a 28-day meal plan complete with recipes and suggestions on when to consume meals. While I am following the plan to some extent, I did make some minor changes to accommodate my lifestyle and budget.

The first thing I am doing different is to not eat all that salad, instead I am eating cooked veggies or raw veggies as snacks. Sometimes I throw a banana or apple in the mix but I’m not big on fruit. I’m also not a big fish lover either but did enjoy some wild caught salmon last night for dinner with a lemon pepper sauce and mixed veggies cooked with kerrigold butter. Came out delicious !

So how am I liking this new way of eating?  Well I will say that you really should pay attention to the sales papers and buy organic ingredients when on sale because it can be pricy. Other than that I’ve noticed more energy this past week even though I average 6-7 hours of sleep each night. I rarely drink coffee but am enjoying a cup of totally organic Numi tea each day. So far I’ve lost about 4 pounds and currently weigh 140 pounds. I’m still not eating eggs yet because I’m not sure if my stomach can handle them yet but I enjoy some yogurt instead in the morning a few hours after my shake.

Some of the restrictions the diet has is to cut out sugar, even organic sugar, cut out all things wheat and replace with ingredients like coconut flour. Also no rice or anything with soy!  That was tough because I love rice, pasta, and pancakes. So when you think about it, you are cutting out some foods, even the organic ones so that you can fully absorb vital nutrients.

And what about the multivitamins? I did start taking those as well and instead of purchasing the protein I mentioned in my last post, I purchased Naked Whey because it has one ingredient and still was cheaper than buying from Calton Nutrition. I will have to admit I don’t like the taste of the vitamin protein shakes but they’re still drinkable and I just remind myself that they’re making me healthier.

So far I do recommend the diet because it is proving its ability to make me feel better and seems to be helping me lose weight. I will continue to post updates weekly so that you and I can find out if this is just another diet fad or the real deal to living a healthy life.

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