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Week 5 has been a challenging week as I fight back cravings for things I can’t really have and an old ailment comes back to haunt me.


If there’s one thing that I truly miss while being on the keto diet and limiting myself to 30 grams of carbs is: real milk chocolate loaded with sugar! Chocolate is just one of those foods that even a little bit of it makes you feel good. I miss the chocolately sweetness and had to turn down a free World’s Finest Chocolate bar that my coworker offered me. Do you understand how hard it was for me to say no?! The next day I wish I had that bar just to eat one piece of it. If you never had one of these chocolate bars then you don’t know what you’re missing. Not to advocate anyone from falling off the wagon but in my opinion these chocolate bars are on par with Lindt, Godiva, and even Hawaiian Chocolate Factory. Yeah, it’s that good! My chocolate craving this week led me to create my own chocolate peanut butter fat bombs that totally sucked! I think I added too much Baker’s Chocolate. While I still struggle with accepting sugar alternatives, I think I may need to start stashing some dark chocolate for emergencies until I find a sugar substitute that I really like. So far I’ve tried Stevia in the Raw, which is actually tasty in coffee and consist of Stevia and dextrose. The other sweetener I’ve been using is Pyure which taste good in many things but as tasty in coffee. It is made of Stevia, erythritol, and natural flavors.

Hello, Old Friend

Earlier in the week I started getting nauseous one day. Not sure if I was low in sugar or just needed to intake more water, I drank 32 ounces of water and had 2 jolly ranchers. About 20 minutes later I was fine. One thing for sure is that while you are doing a keto diet, you really do need to drink as much water as possible. I drink at least 66 ounces every day but I think it’s more than that because I stop counting at home which usually adds up to another 16 ounces over the course of the evening because I continue drinking water during dinner and after.

In another instance, I starting having bad heartburn deep inside my stomach. It’s the kind of heartburn that burns so bad inside your stomach that you can be forced to go to the emergency room to get help. Why did I get this kind of pain? Was it because of the keto dieting I am doing? Well approximately 2 1/2 years ago I started suffering from stress and I didn’t handle it very well. I had just gone back to work after 2 months with my newborn and it was detrimental for me. I was working 10 hours a day and my commute was at least 1 hour each way. So I was spending 12 hours + away from my children to work in the very stressful environment of sales. In addition to my lack of bonding with my children, my marriage was getting affected as well and I could see it in my husband’s face that he was getting towards the breaking point of being able to hold the relationship together when he was getting nothing more but scraps of my affection and attention. Luckily with his help I found a better job closer to home where I got to work a regular 8 hour day but the damage it did to my gut was done. I had already gone to the emergency room 3 times and was giving several different medications to help my heartburn that I didn’t want to have to keep taking. It was at that instance that I knew I had to change my diet because I refused to be on medication the rest of my life.

Fast forward to this past Thursday when this familiar burn in my stomach came back with a vengeance. I was thinking about what I could have ate that didn’t agree with me. I was feeling nausea as I lay in bed at 9pm holding my stomach. The only thing I could think of was the chamomile tea I drank right before bed that I didn’t add milk to. Usually I always add a little milk to my tea but that night I didn’t. I went downstairs and drank a glass of milk and had about 1/2 cup of yogurt that I always keep in the fridge for emergencies. I sat on the toilet waiting while I scrolled through my social media waiting for the pain to subside or to throw up. I knew one of those things was going to happen. Luckily for me the pain went away and I was able to go to sleep.

I summed up this experience to being a lack of milk products. I had switched from using whole milk in my coffee to using heavy cream because it has less carbohydrates and I ran out of the string cheese I usually eat every day with my morning eggs so I hadn’t been consuming milk products for at least 2 days. So I had to switch back to whole milk with my coffee and I went to the grocery store to get some cheese…and other things.

Life Happens

In addition to all this that has gone on this past week, my eldest daughter caught a stomach virus and couldn’t hold down anything this past Friday. We had to take her to urgent care after she threw up about 5 times and was telling me she was thirsty. I couldn’t take it and had to get her some help so she could drink water again. So at 3am we found ourselves at the urgent care. Luckily it was empty so we got in and out in under an hour. They gave her a shot for nausea and a prescription. On our way home I was hungry so we stopped at Jack in the Box and got some chicken strips and jalapeno poppers. Now I know this was a big no-no and to be honest, I don’t eat fast food either but I was hungry and we still needed to go grocery shopping. My eldest drank some water and then fell asleep as soon as we got home. The following day we did our grocery shopping and picked up her prescription. She started to get better but slept most of the day. She also came down with a fever and so we worked to keep track of her progress and rotate a cool cloth on her forehead while she slept.

So while we were battling a sickness with one child, my youngest started getting sick with the same bug. She threw up only once and we gave her some nausea medicine. Even though she got a fever as well, she didn’t get as sick as her sister did. By Sunday, both girls were fine and eating well again-thank God! Sometimes it’s so stressful being a parent. I find myself hovering over them when they are sick, taking temperatures every hour, and trying to make them as comfortable as possible. This time in particular I was very worried because I’ve heard in the news how bad this year’s flu has been and I was afraid they might have caught it even though they both had the flu shot. Now that they are clear and free of the bug, my husband is coming down with the same thing. I’m just going to brace myself, take some Emergen-C and hope that I don’t get it too.

This week has been eventful and I continue to learn more about my body, my diet, and life continues to throw punches every now and again to keep me on my toes. This week I also didn’t loose any weight. Well I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes and hopefully next week I will have better progress to share. Below: Some of the meals I ate this week:

Pot roast with salad
scrambled eggs with cheese and spicy sausage
Pork pot roast on a bed of salad with chili and sour cream













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