Keto Diet Week 4 USA, LLC

This week I’m highlighting snacks you can eat right out of the bag, box, or jar, I loose .8 lb, and what I do for exercise.

The downside to Keto is that many of the foods you eat have to be prepped or cooked by you. There’s very little options in the market and on the shelves of your local grocery store that is Keto friendly and ready-to-eat. I learned in my first week that I needed to have a meal plan of some sort and an arsenal of foods and ingredients at my disposal to whip up some snacks. But if you don’t have the time to make something, what can you eat? Well here’s a small but hopefully helpful list of foods you can eat and buy on-the-go:

Chicharrones-crunchy pork rinds or pork skins offer a a similarity to chips that you will appreciate. Just pop open a bag and enjoy the zero carb goodness.

Pickles – baby dills are crunchy and you can munch on 10 for 1 gram of carbs.

Mozzarella string cheese -just grab and go! Leave the guilt behind with this zero carb snack!

Salted mixed nuts -you can buys these in a variety pack or large container but either way they make for a quick snack on the go that can help you through the hungry between meals. Be informed on how many carbs you’re eating with each serving because this isn’t a carb-free snack option.

Avocado- just half it and salt it! You can slice it and add it to those ham and cheese roll ups as well. Makes for a healthy fat choice!

Beef jerky -beef sticks tend to be zero carb while dehydrated beef tends to have some amount of carbohydrates. I’m not sure why that is but maybe it has to do with the different flavors that are offered in beef jerky?

Ham and cheese roll ups -self explanatory, just roll up some ham or turkey lunch meat slices in a slice of cheese and eat.

hummus -while this comes packaged, you may have to cut up your own peppers for dipping or make your own cheese crackers. I’ll attempt my own crackers next week.

Hard boiled eggs -there’s a little bit of prep time here but after that you just grab and go!

This week I weighed in at exactly 142 lbs. so in all, I’ve been on this diet 4 weeks and lost 5 pounds.

me in my pink Betty Pj’s this time!

You may be wondering what kind of exercise routine I do, if any. I would say I do moderate to light activity throughout the day. I average between 2 – 3 miles walking each day. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit type device on my wrist which records my activity through out the day. Since my mornings have been dedicated to maintaining this site and my evenings dedicated to my children and all things domestic, actual cardio workouts have taken a backseat. I miss my yoga and my POP Sugar morning workouts and believe that my weight loss could be better if I incorporate them back into my life again but I just don’t have the time right now.

Fast Food Salad worthy of all the fat intake: Delicious Farmer Boys Chopped Chicken Salad
Hello Surf and Turf! Shrimp and pork ribs with a nice side salad of spinach leaves.

While 5 pounds in 5 weeks may not seem like much, I’m actually seeing results when I put on my clothes. Stuff is fitting better, I don’t have to squeeze into my work uniform, and my tummy is going down. I started taking pictures of my tummy area to document it as it gets smaller and may incorporate those in a few weeks.

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