Keto Challenge Week 2 USA, LLC

It’s been officially 2 weeks since I started eating the Keto way. During this week I learned even more about the ketogenic diet that I didn’t know before. I made some sweet treats to help curb cravings and give me a small boost of healthy coconut oil (good fats) and while I kept my carbs in the 28-35 range, I did have two days where went a little over 50 grams. It’s been a slightly bumpy ride but I’m hanging in there for the promised land of a better way of eating, a better way of living, and a better looking me.

What I learned this week

I learned from KetoConnect that there really is no getting around the Keto flu. I thought that by slowly decreasing my carbs in my first week that I could prohibit that from happening. Sadly no, I had a few headaches already and my body has been aching in different areas on different days. Right now my lower back aches. I have been experiencing dry mouth this whole time and sometimes my insides feel sore, almost as if my internal organs have gone into some kind of shock or were punched by someone. I also have been experiencing cramps in different areas. I had slight cramps in my legs one day and other than that I feel a slight cramping in my lower stomach area that resembles menstrual cramping but not as severe. I also have felt times of sluggishness in which my body was tired yet my brain was fully functional. One day I was even so exhausted I went to bed earlier than normal. All of this is normal!

I also learned that ketosis can be different for every one and there really isn’t a set rule of how many grams of  carbs you have to be below in order to put your body into ketosis. The accepted amount for most people can be as little as 35 grams or as high as 50 grams. Either way, my goal is to stay around the 30 gram mark and then we’ll see how that goes for weight loss and then adjust as needed.  I also learned that I need to totally ditch sugar as it does have carbs and the carbs it has isn’t worth it. I started getting used to stevia sweeteners. Right now I am using Pyura.

I’m not used to any kind of sweetener other than sugar and honey so trying something else has been a taste bud shock. Pyura has a very little bitterness that is almost non-existent. But it still taste different than sugar and takes some getting used to. I’ve been putting it in my coffee and some of the recipes that I’ve made so far.

In addition, I learned that while you are eating a Keto diet, you aren’t surviving on processed meats and bacon. In fact, while many people still eat bacon and sausage and hamburger patties,  (I still do), it’s about making good fat choices that provide healthy fats into your body such as fat bombs made from coconut oil. In fact I made two different fat bombs that I’ll detail in a review-type post. I found myself swapping out rice and potatoes for lettuce and spinach leaves. I eat pot roast cooked with Brussel sprouts, steak and crab legs with a small side salad, and once I snacked on cream cheese with carrots and sugar snap peas. I realized carrots (even the baby carrots) have too many carbs for me to try to incorporate them into my diet. oh well,…maybe I can still have one here and there.

breakfast Spinich, ham, cheese and scrambled eggs with 3 sweet peppers
Shredded pork ribs in a lettuce boat with sweet peppers.












My weight hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact I gained a little instead of loosing. I learned that this is also normal and that the early pounds of weight loss are also water-weight (sign) and not fat at all. So needless to say I couldn’t trick my body into Ketosis, I still had to go through the Keto-Flu like everyone else and I didn’t loose any fat yet either. While this is technically a bummer and may deter other people, I am going to keep going because I challenged myself to do so and you are all expecting to read a new post on my endeavor.

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