Halloween: Dollar Store Pumpkins

I love holidays and I especially love the last 3 months of the year because of all the holidays. Halloween may be a holiday of mischief, ghouls, and ghosts…and candy, but it’s still a holiday to enjoy and have fun with. While we didn’t plan to decorate our front yard this year, I still wanted to bring in some Halloween/thanksgiving type décor inside the house. I did so with a few dollar store finds and for less than $10, I picked up some cute finds.

To start, I picked up these two little ceramic pumpkins from my local Dollar Tree and accented one of my family room end tables with a small group of pumpkins. The bigger metal leaf pumpkin obviously didn’t come from the dollar store but you can see how the other two smaller ones complement the trio.

The fun didn’t stop there! I picked up a “welcome fall” leaf sign for my fireplace mantel and put two little ceramic pot animals my kids made at our local Michaels. Cute, inexpensive, and allows me to also display the artistic side of my two little ones that enjoy crafting and creating as much as I do.

My kids love doing new things so for $4 we decorated two little pumpkins with fall ribbon. We used basic gold tack to secure the ends in place all around the stem of the pumpkins. Can you believe a soon-to-be 3-year-old and a 4-year-old made these?

I used some of the leftover ribbon to decorate the vase of one of my plants in the kitchen. In all I spent approximately $8 on supplies which resulted in décor that I can keep up for 2 months instead of just one. In addition, everything is re-useable so when Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, I will be putting this stuff away for next year. I love finding inexpensive ways to decorate my house. What can you find for $1? Feel free to share your dollar store finds!

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