Free Educational Resources & Downloads USA, LLC

Hello and welcome to the free educational resources page. Here I have constructed a collection of free downloadable worksheets that you can print and work on with your children. Each page is unique and different. I’ve tried to create positive worksheets that promote learning and early child development skills.

Pre K Math Skills Page

On this page we introduce math skills. We introduce basic addition and subtraction concepts. Yes the answers are given but the reason behind this is to learn what the outcomes are when you add or take away the different fruits. Each page has a different fruit that will be counted and goes along with each math problem. Click HERE or click the picture below. For Learn-to-Count activities, click HERE.

Pre K Word Skills Page

This page is dedicating to early reading and writing skills. It features 3-letter words where children can trace letters to spell words as well as other activities such as word searches. These worksheets are a great addition to reading and writing programs and the best part of all…they’re free! Click Here


Holiday Page

The holiday page is not age or grade specific. Here you’ll find some fun holiday inspired resources such as games you can play as a family, crossword puzzles, and other things that I will add along the way. Click HERE or click the picture below.

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