D.I.Y. all purpose cleaner

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Last week while I was on a cleaning roll I decided to make an all natural household cleaner using some lemons I got from my mother in law. I’ve been wanting to put such a cleaner recipe to a big challenge. Lucky for me,  Mr hubby got the tub nice and dirty from work. So instead of using my regular cleaner to scrub the tub, I made a concoction of the following:
All purpose cleaner:
2 cups water  to 1 cup vinegar
2 large lemons squeezed and juice filtered (I use a mesh strainer )
10-20 drops lavender oil
Gently mix in a bottle  (I used plastic since the solution didn’t last me more than 2 weeks )
Instructions for use:
Spray over area to be cleaned and use a brush to gently remove dirt and build up. If you use a sponge or a scrub pad then it will get caked with gunk and be difficult to remove. It’s easier to clean a brush later so use a brush first. Rinse and redo if need. I cleaned our tub once,  rinsed, and then spot cleaned areas I missed. I used a sponge to wipe the crome fixtures and it got the hard water spots out. In all I am very happy with the results and I used it on the toilets, counters, kitchen stove, and kitchen sink – all with great results. In all this is a better cleaning agent then what is sold in the stores.  Not only did it work great and has antibacterial properties (courtesy of the lavender oil),  but it smells nice and is kid &pet friendly. Plus if your neighbor has a lemon tree, this is a great opportunity to meet them and ask for a few lemons.  Check out the before and after photos of the tub. Happy cleaning!


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