The False hope of DACA and the Impossible Road to Citizenship USA, LLC

I’m not one to use my online platform for political reasons as this blog is intended to be fun but the unrest of DACA, the immediate need to address illegal immigration NOW and the impossibility of obtaining a citizen through the means that many of illegal immigrants face grants my necessity to finally speak on the matter. I live in southern California, a state that declared “sanctuary” by our terrible Governor Jerry Brown and home to millions of illegal immigrants. Overcrowded with people, failing infrastructure and mismanaged funds, in the midst of it all is illegal immigration and what it’s done to California. I’m not sure how many readers my blog will reach or if it will be met with prejudice and scorn by those who refuse to listen and understand. One thing is apparent: DACA is an empty promise of nothing and it actually grants nothing to anyone it can fool. It is not a road to true citizenship and if I were an illegal alien eligible for DACA, I’d be really pissed off!

The DACA Lie

If you visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services page for DACA, it clearly states in black and white that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is not permanent, is not a pathway to citizenship, and doesn’t actually protect anyone who signs up for it from being deported. DACA, which I like to call CACA (meaning fecal matter in Spanish…or maybe it’s just a Spanish slang word. I don’t know but anyway), is a big fat slap in the face to illegal immigrant children brought to the USA by their parents as children with FAKE sanctions and FAKE protection. It’s like President Barrack Obama said, “You’re not good or worthy enough for real citizenship so I’ll just create this executive order that can be easily overturned by my predecessor and make you feel good.” He didn’t give illegal immigrant children anything tangible like a real citizenship! But yet he’s still a hero to many as are many of the Democrats who DACA recipients are trying to get to keep DACA alive. Why are they doing this? If I were them, I’d fight for citizenship, not DACA. Citizenship is PERMANENT! Citizenship is REAL. Citizenship means you belong here!!! So why are DACA recipients fighting for CACA when they should be fighting for the real thing?

Citizenship: So close but so far away

I’ve heard it said over and over again in the news these past few years that our path to citizenship needs to be fixed. It’s a broken system that doesn’t help anyone and that illegal immigrants don’t apply for it because they can’t. I wanted to know how true this was and if our citizenship requirements and qualification process really was outdated and alienated too many people from being able to realize the golden “American Dream.”

Well it’s a lengthy process indeed! First you have to obtain a “Green Card!” Ok, that’s easy! Um…no, it really isn’t. You either have to be an immediate family member to a US citizen, get a green card through your work, religious organization, or fall into the category of an asylum seeker, a victim of a crime or abuse, all of which still has to be approved before you get a green card. Then you have to hold on to that status for 5 years! If your spouse is a citizen then you only have to hold that status for 3 years in order to be eligible for citizenship. More info HERE

If you want to be a citizen you MUST know how to read, write, and speak English. You must also be able to prove you lived here for 5 years and you can’t be convicted of any crimes. Being a criminal and trying to gain legal status is a big no, no! If you’re an illegal immigrant or know someone that is, there are also plenty of fees to along with the process. The fees can be upwards of $1000 or more. This may not be possible for someone with a low income job, a family to feed at home, and no other skills to capitalize on that would increase their income. Thus the dilemma of the migrant worker lives on in a society that is unified in saying “we care about you, but not that much to really change the system so you can become one of us.” Citizenship can be looked at as a dream, a fantasy, a goal that is so out of reach for some people who came to the USA for hope and a chance at a better life. Am I sympathizing with their plight? A little, but only with the people who work hard, stay out of trouble, and actually are doing something with their life. The ones going to jail and prison, living off the fat of the land while citizens pay for them to have 10 kids supported on welfare…they can go back to the country they came from. I have no sympathy for them.

At the end of the day…

So what will happen with DACA? What will happen to our “pathway to citizenship?” President Trump says he’s open to making a “pathway to citizenship” for dreamers and this would actually make more sense than extending a crappy program. I would hope that DACA recipients that are going to school or working a steady full-time job or pursing a business would be able to stay and contribute to our society but not under DACA. I’ve met many people who came to this country illegally yet they are hard workers striving for something good in life. Those people are happy to be here and want to stay because they have something to give, even if it isn’t much. I have to agree that if actions aren’t taken now on this matter, the problem will continue to grow and grow until it’s completely out of control.

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