D.I.Y. Wedding Worthy Floral Headband

The most beautiful thing about a wedding besides the bride are the flowers. A perfect arrangement of flowers on each table or lining the edges of the walkway up to the alter adds a touch a romance and beauty to weddings. When my sister married and she asked if my daughter could be one of the flower girls I was ecstatic and nervous for my little 3-year-old. After all, this would be BIG for a little girl her age to walk down the isle while throwing rose petals on the ground and make it all the way to the end!

I decided to make her headband for the wedding. I picked up the following materials from JoAnn’s Fabric store to make the headband. Although the picture shows some extra materials, I am only listing what I actually used:


White and pink flowers

Green floral wire

white beaded wire

natural brown branch-like wire

wire cutters

Step 1: The natural brown branch-like wire will be the base. Measure a circle around the head of the person that will be wearing it and cut approx. 4 inches past that. You’ll need that extra wire to make the hooks shown below:


Step 2: You may want to arrange, cut, trim your flowers accordingly and arrange them around the headband to get a visual of how the finished product will look before you start twisting each piece on. When your satisfied, make sure to wrap each piece tightly around the brown wire where you want them to go:


I trimmed some of the pink flowers and took off the leaves on some of the white ones so that the headband wouldn’t be too bulky.



You can use the green floral wire to reinforce the structure you made when you’re done setting your pieces into place. Once I had the flowers in place I loosely wrapped the beaded wire around the headband to give it a hint of elegance. Unfortunately that doesn’t come through in the picture though.


If you need to rearrangeĀ  or redo your headband, never fear! It’s easy to take apart and reconstruct into a headband that suits you.

So when my little three-year-old walked down the isle with the other flower girl, they both did a great job and looked beautiful with their floral headbands. I made matching bracelets as well but they are not pictured. Needless to say she threw the rose petals on the ground almost on cue and I was so proud to see her take on a task that at first, I wasn’t sure she was ready for. In all, I made two headbands and two matching bracelets for under $20 and still have materials to make even more. Now that’s what I call beauty on a budget!

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