D.I.Y. Toothpaste

It taste like baking soda with salt and a hint of peppermint.  Hey,  where’s  the coconut flavor?

Ah, there’s nothing like fresh breath and a clean mouth to go with it. But brushing alone doesn’t keep baddies like gingivitis and cavities away. Toothpaste is just one of those daily staples everyone has but did you know you can make your own?

That’s right,  make your own toothpaste! I’ve read numerous blogs where people claim that their own d.i.y. toothpastes is not only better and cheaper than store brands but have even helped teeth re-mineralize.

My Take on homemade toothpaste:

What do I think about it after making my own? Well I don’t care for the taste and it’s not practical in the summer months because if you leave it out, it will start to separate. Try using the toothpaste when the baking soda is on the bottom and the coconut oil is at the top. It’s just a runny mess!

The only option in the summer is to put it in the fridge during the day, remove at night an hour before I brush and then leave it in my restroom so I can use it the next morning. Then back in the fridge it goes. Needless to say I always forget and I’m wondering what other options there may be for a homemade toothpaste that stays together!

I also used a lot of stevia and peppermint oil in mine and I will confess it taste nothing close to what I’m used to brushing with. In fact I really didn’t taste the peppermint until I started rinsing my mouth. So the mixture is a bit salty.

Now that I finished complaining, I will eventually explore some other ingredient options I was considering that may help keep the consistency. Here’s the basic recipe that you can make yourself:

DIY toothpaste recipe:

Prep time: 20 min but coconut oil must be room temperature

Tools needed:
Glass jar
Spoon or fork to mix with

Ingredient list:
1/2 cup Organic Unrefined Coconut oil (get yours here)
Stevia powder (to taste)
2 tablespoons Baking soda
10-20 drops Peppermint essential oil (can also use cinnamon)


Other options: Calcium carbonate,  neem oil, tea tree oil, Arrowroot powder.



Doesn’t really matter what you start mixing together first however you do want to make sure your coconut oil is workable. Meaning it’s soft but not a liquid. If it is a liquid, then you may want to stick it in the fridge to harden a bit. I softened the coconut oil with a bowl of hot water. See below image:




I just put all the ingredients into the jar I was going to use, mixed it all together and then went to brush my teeth. Store in the fridge during hot days.

Just a side note, I did a search online for recipes and everyone pretty much had the same things going on. I don’t know why no one ever mentioned that this recipe is heat sensitive! The coconut oil will float to the top while everything else will hang out at the bottom of the jar. Kind of sucks but it’ll work for now.

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