D.I.Y. Simple PlayDough Recipe!

PlayDough: Easy as 1-2-3!

Do you remember how much fun you had playing play dough? Besides getting it stuck in carpet or mixing the colors until they were no longer¬†identifiable, playdough was a lot of fun because you can cut out shapes with a cookie cutter, make little people, or animals such as a dog and cat. Here’s a fast easy way to make your own playdough that is safe and non toxic for toddlers to handle. Because you’re using natural ingredients, there’s not too much to worry if your little one accidently sneaks a bite without you knowing but don’t let them intentionally eat it. There is food coloring involved in the recipe and food coloring is questionable when it comes to health concerns. Read more about that here.

We used Playdoughtoplato.com’s one pot recipe which is super easy and you can also check around the website for free play dough printables and other learning goodies. The best thing about it is that it is customizable. You can use all natural ingredients if you’re worried that your little one can’t help but eat it. One thing I really like about D.I.Y. play dough is that it doesn’t smell like store bought brands so your hands don’t stink from playing with it. Stays soft and pliable a really long time too. Here’s the recipe below. We cut it into 2 bowls when it came to food coloring because it makes a big batch that can give divided among 3-4 children or divided to make different colors of smaller bat



1 pot (size depends on if you are splitting the recipe up to make smaller batches.)

1 lg spoon (plastic, wood, whatever you want to use to stir with)

1-4 bowls (depends on how many colors you want to split this recipe into)

1 metal whisk


3 cups flour

3/4 cup salt

6 tablespoons cream of tartar

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

food coloring (gel for darker colors or water base for pastels

3 cups water


Mix all the dry ingredients together first and then add the water and vegetable oil.


I used a metal whisk to help get rid of clumps easier but you’re free to use whatever you like to stir.


Before you add the food coloring you may want to divide the mixture into several bowls to make several colors.


This adds to the cook time because you have to cook each batch separately. Add your choice of food coloring and stir well. Add one batch to a pot and cook on medium heat, keep stirring and folding the dough as it stiffens into a dough (a wooden spatula may be a good choice here).


This takes about 5 minutes but make sure all the liquid has been turned into a dough.


Remove from heat and let cool before giving it to your little ones to play with. You may want to flatten it out and form it to allow it to cool faster.


If you set aside batches for other colors, clean out the pot and star on the next color.

finished green and pink playdough

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