Crepe Flowers… Oh so pretty and easy to make! USA, LLC

My life for the past month has been filled with crafts…for my upcoming baby shower! Crepe flowers have been posted all over pinterest and I am making some for my babyshower. You’re probably wondering why I’m doing my own decor? I’m picky and don’t want store bought decorations plus if you want something done a certain way, you’re better off doing it yourself or hiring someone with the know-how that you trust.While I didn’t see any video tutorials, I decided to put my own up for those who rather watch instead of read how the flowers are made. Below are two flower tutorials along with a step by step picture tutorial for the crepe flowers because those have a few more steps. These will be apart of a bigger project that I’ll post later.

Crepe rose flowers by Icing Designs. Go to their website for step-by-step instructions with pictures or click below to see my little 5 min. video of how-to:


Crepe flowers by Under a Blue Moon. Go to their website for a step-by-step tutorial. Theirs uses glitter for the edge of the petals. I made mine plain because I have to make a bunch and there are some time restraints for my project. This video is 8 minutes long. Scroll below for my step-by-step w/pictures.

Step by step:
Cut a sheet of crepe paper, no more than 27 inches long. You want to be able to cut it without the folds being too thick. Fold in half over and over again.

You’ll end up with a fold that is 1 inch thick.  Scallop one edge so that it is round on one side.

Unfold your paper and cut so that you have two scallops for each petal.

Cut a piece of paper into 2×2 in. squares and then cut those into circles.

Put the circle aside and fold your pieces so they look like this. They don’t have to be perfect, you just want them to look like hearts or something close to that. After you make at least 8, start gluing the outer petals to the paper circle. Glue them so they are more to the edge than the center:

Next you want to do the inner layer of petals. Glue the inner layer close to the middle of the paper circle like this:

Finish it up with a pretty center of your choice. I used buttons for mine. Pretty simple huh?

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