Bulletproof Coffee

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You’ve probably heard about bulletproof coffee already but if you haven’t,  no worries, you’re just a little late to the party. However it goes deeper than just adding fat to coffee and drinking it.

It’s all in the ingredients

There are 3 key ingredients: organic coffee,  unsalted butter from grass fed cows free of antibiotics,  and organic raw coconut oil.

It’s simple to make and I’ve noticed a nice boost of energy. I don’t use it as a meal replacement but I do drink it in the morning right after a little bit of milk. Why milk before the coffee?  Because,  while coffee may be beneficial for its antioxidants and caffeine, it’s not very friendly to bones so the milk helps out with proper absorbtion. Read more about it here.


Brew a cup of organic,  single sourced coffee  (best method is french press because it doesn’t filter out the natural coffee oils). Pour hot coffee into blender with 1 TBS butter & 1 TBS coconut oil & blend for approx 20 seconds to make it frothy.  You will have a layer of froth on top which dissapates with time. Pour in a cup and enjoy.

bulletproof coffee

The taste of bulletproof coffee is slightly creamy and bland but not pungent like plain coffee would be. You can alter the ratio of coconut oil and butter to your liking and add stevia, cinnamon, or vanilla for flavor. I drink mine plain. It’s an acquired taste but not at all bad. Recently I started using a butter from Germany by Fond O’ Foods. It’s creamier than Kerrigold and a little sweeter. So far I like it a lot.

german butter

The Origins

Now if you do a search on the original bulletproof coffee maker,  they state you have to use their coffee because only their coffee is free of toxins by their super special process of caring for the beans. They also recommend you use their XCT oil because their’s is superior to plain coconut oil. The only thing they don’t make is the butter.

You may not want to buy bulletproof’s branded products and may want to opt for a more affordable solution. I read the “how to” guide on finding the best coffee in your area. After about a page & a half of skimming past the “how great bulletproof brand” is, he finally gets into the actual how-to.
1. Search “best coffee in______”
2. Read reviews and take note of the top rated coffee places/brands.
3. Go to those company’s websites and see if they offer the following: #1 single sourced coffee  & #2 use green coffee beans (not natural processed). #3 organic beans free of pesticides and gmo!

So you have to invest some time into finding the right substitute beans. For now I’ve been using Full Circle French Roast made of 100% arabica beans but I’ve recently been searching online for other brands that are both organic and single origin. I’m not going to try to find a coffee house near me that meets all these criteria,  instead I’m going to order online and try my luck with freshroastedcoffee.com.

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