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Finally I’m posting what I did for my baby shower which consisted of the crepe flower project I blogged about MONTHS ago! So here’s a few pictures of how everything came out. I have to admit though that the crepe flower hanging lanterns took forever to put together. Here’s the tutorial. I got inspiration to glue them to a paper lantern from here. I don’t really recommend doing them because it’s so time consuming. However if you have people who want to help you put them together, then by all means! Below are the crepe flower lanterns and the pom poms (shhh… the pom poms were easier and way faster to make!) Here’s a link to the pom poms.

Everybody loves a good fruit bowl, right? Especially when it has a cute little baby fruit face inside! Well I found the concept here but when I went shopping for a large watermelon I couldn’t find one anywhere. You’d think there would be a surplus of them at the grocery stores in the middle of June but I guess not. So I had to improvise with a small seedless watermelon instead. Still came out super cute and I used a piece of bow tie pasta for the nose.

I loved the decor-a-onesie idea but those little buggers can be kind of expensive when you’re buying 20 and they’re something the baby isn’t going to really wear. I improvised again here and went to the 99 cent store for some super cheap onesies, beanies, and bibs. I then bought puffy paint and fabric markers from (because it was the cheapest place I found). I used green yarn to make a clothesline and used wooden clothespin (another 99 cent store find) to hang them up. So cute!


I tried to get a few games that people didn’t have to play together so I put some colorful candy in a jar (both from the 99 cent store again), decorated it with some pretty pastel green ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby on sale (2 for $5) and put a few pens, a sticky note pad, and another jar nearby. The signs I made using a cheap 99 cent store frame, foam letters, and some scrapbook paper I had lying around in my closet. The results were adorable!

Last but not least were the centerpieces which I put a lot of thought into and got inspiration for from here. I used rosemary that grows in my front yard around votive candles and mason jars I had in my kitchen as napkin and fork holders. The burlap flowers came out ok, not as good as the tutorial I found here. I also dyed the fabric and used this tutorial here. I think they were the most expensive part of my decor despite the fact that burlap is supposed to be cheap. I got them at Hobby Lobby. The wood planks I had lying around my backyard so I spray painted them white. I think I decorated the entire baby shower for under $100! I upcycled and used some of my decorations in my baby’s room. I thought it would be cute and a reminder of all the people who helped me put it together. I tied two of the pink ribbons on her white crib, put all the burlap flowers into a glass flowerpot that is on her dresser, and hung the crepe flower lanterns from the ceiling at one of the corners. I’ll post pictures of that later.

Finally I have to give it up to the talented team of The Cakery Cafe for putting together these delectable goodies for me. If you’re in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA. area, their new storefront will be opening sometime before summer. I’ll post a link and an article when it opens.




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