Beachy Waves: how to guide leaves little in the result department USA, LLC

I love Pinterest and have found myself spending hours on it just looking up DIY crafts and neat ideas that I can do at home. The site has opened up new avenues for me such as ideas for my baby room (which I will post before and after pics later), neat ways to clean house while keeping eco-friendly, and beauty tips I like.

A few months ago I found this neat little tutorial: How to do Beachy Waves in less than 5 minutes. I thought to myself, hmm… I can do that! I pinned it and saved it for later. Well I decided to test Beachy Waves today and I was not impressed with my results. Was I doing something wrong? Don’t think so because it is super simple: divide hair into two parts, twist and then run hot hair straightener through it several times. Sounds simple enough for quick results.

My hair is long, thick, and naturally wavy so you’d think it would take to the beachy waves but no. I tried it several different ways. I split my hair into two parts and followed the directions on the website and ran the hair straightener through each side more than 5 times. Didn’t come out as expected. Maybe my hair is too thick? Then I divided my hair into several sections instead of just two and tried it again that way. Still lacking a beachy wave as you can see in the picture.

The problem with this tutorial is that on the website, there is no picture of what your results should look like when done properly. So how do you know if you are doing it right and if you are actually getting the results you should be getting? I guess you don’t. Instead, I recommend you use product for a beachy wave look. I use Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray when I don’t want to dry my hair after a shower. If you try the above beachy waves tutorial, let me know how it comes out and post a pic of your results.

Looks like I got a bad haircut. Didn’t come out nice at all.

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