Baby’s First Books: My favorites list USA, LLC

Reading to your little one encourages early learning and a love for books. I love children’s board books, especially those that encourage the learning of basic language skills, exploration, and imagination. So if you’re looking for a great gift for a parent-to-be that will be highly valuable (not to say those diapers aren’t needed!) and cherished as a great baby book, look no further than this list. (Not in order).

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? This is one of those great classic rhyming and learning books. It teaches children to identify different colors and animals. It’s such an easy, fun read that your little one will be rhyming along with you in no time. I love the last page of the book that shows all the animals again. I used to let my little ones identify each animal and color at the end of the book by themselves. Great way to learn animal names and colors. Want more books by Bill Martin? Click HERE.

2.  This is another colorful book but we learn about basic numbers, 1 through 10 to be exact. Follow little owl as it flies through the forest meeting forest friends and counting along the way. Yes it isn’t a big list of numbers but it’s great for beginners who are learning to count. I like to read each page and then let my child count how many animals are on the page. It’s another great book to encourage participation. There are book in the series such as Little Owl’s Colors but in my opinion, Little Owl’s 1-2-3 is the better buy because the “Colors book” doesn’t highlight each color as much as I think it should. You can even find some of them in Spanish here.

3. If there is just one book that you must buy for a baby/toddler it is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! It’s so fun to read that you and your child will be rhyming all day long. It teaches children all the letters of the alphabet in a fun rhyming story as you follow each letter up the coconut tree. This book, in conjunction with my husband’s great teaching skills is the reason why my daughters learned their alphabet before they were 2 years old. I also like that the last page of the book shows all the letters of the alphabet and is another great way to get your child involved in the book and test their knowledge by letting them point out each letter and saying what they are. Want more from this author, you can find a DVD HERE.

4. Dear Zoo is a classic flip book that teaches children about zoo animals while engaging them to reveal each animal. It’s short but it’s a fun read and children love flipping open the door of each cage/box that the animals are in. It’s a very cute story about a child who writes to the zoo to send him a pet. Want even more, get the box set HERE.

5. Big Girl Panties is all about…you guessed it! -transitioning from diapers to underwear. It’s a fun book that encourages children to wear underwear. While I can’t say that it helped my children transition to underwear, it’s a great resource to start getting the idea of potty training and underwear into a child’s head.

While this list may be short, it is comprised of books I actually have at home and have read over and over again to my own children. Each one has made some special memories that I have with my children, allowing for a wonderful bonding experience. So if you are looking for a book for your own child or a book to give to someone else, look no further than this list as I am sure there is a book here that child is bound to love.

Please note that this blog contains affiliate links. Although they are affiliate links, my review of these books are my own opinion as I own each and every one of them and I am confident in my honest opinion of each one.

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