Baby Paint USA, LLC

Now that your little toddies are having fun painting abstract art and having fun blending all those colors into one brown glob,  what about the 1 and under crowd? What about the baby that is still a baby?

Well they can have fun painting too but for children 1 and under it is better that they don’t actually touch the paint. This is because they tend to put everything in their mouths. It’s just the way babies explore the world around them. So to keep paint out of thier mouths and put it in a plastic bag. Now lets get started so baby can paint!

Materials needed:
Paint (several colors)
Large plastic bag

Age recommendation: 1 – 2 years old



Now my honest opinion about this is that babies don’t really enjoy it nor do they really understand what to do with the paint until they’re about 1 year old. This has been the case with my first born and so far my 9 1/2 month old doesn’t find it very appealing or fun.



Still, if you have a little one it doesn’t hurt to try and see if they’re ready to explore color in this way yet. Buy some cheap paint for this project. I picked up mine at the 99 Cent Only store and got 4 primary colors in the pack. While you’re at it, pick up a pack of large plastic bags and tape¬† as well. I would go with that blue painters tape because you can secure all sides and it’s very easy to remove. The pictures show an array of colors and that’s because I added a little extra to the mix.

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