All Natural Coconut Oil lotion recipe

As Easy as 1-2-3!


I love making my own lotion for several reasons. It’s rewarding to know that I made it myself and that it’s my own little creation of butters and oils that I like. I also love the fact that I can customize the recipe to incorporate other scents and ingredients to change the complexity of an all natural lotion made by moi.

Did I mention this lotion recipe is all natural and can even be organic? The ingredients are simple and the best part is that it’s customizable so you can swap out the mango butter for cocoa butter or add lavender essential oil for scent instead of rose oil. It’s totally up to you however be mindful of the amount of essential oils you do add,  especially if this is your first time or if you have allergies or sensitive skin concerns.

Total cook time: approx 10-15 min
Total time to set: varies but could be several hours.

Tools you’ll need:

Stove top pot
Glass jar or glass measuring bowl
Whisk or electric mixer
Measuring cups in 1 cup & 1/2 cup
1/4  & 1 Tbsn Measuring spoons
Glass jar or other container to store lotion in


1 cup coconut oil
1 1/2 cup mango butter (or other butter of choice)
1 Tbsn beeswax pellets
1/4 tspn arrowroot powder
Optional items:
10-20 drops Argon oil
10-20 drops Rose hip seed oil
10-20 drops essential oil of choice for fragrance.



Use the double boiler method and get the water inside the pot boiling and then lower to a simmer. (See pic below). Add the coconut oil,  mango butter,  and beeswax. You can either add them all at once or one at a time and stir occasionally. Once everything melts add the arrowroot powder and stir some more. The arrowroot powder keeps the mixture from hardening in the winter or becoming oil in the summer.



Remove from heat and add the argon oil and the rose seed hip oils. These are great for those of us that want soft,  young looking skin without clogging your pores. I’ll elaborate on the benefits of these oils in another post. Stir well. Now it’s time to add fragrances!!!


At this point I divided my mixture into two containers because I wanted to make one for me and one for my husband. Many of my essential oils are the Now brand. I use Now because I trust the brand and they’re reasonably priced but you are welcome to use any kind of essential oil you like. I added drops of Myrrh and Frankincense to his lotion. Used together it creates a nice musky smell that is a little sweet yet manly that he likes. I added Rose Absolute 5% to mine. The amount of drops I used was based on smell but if I had to estimate I think it was more than 10 but less than 20.


Put your containers in a cool dry place to set or you can whip them up a bit with an electric mixer right as it starts to form to create a whipped lotion. The final solutions have a mild fragrance that won’t be overpowering. You can still wear cologne or perfume  if you’d like.


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