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Creating your own activity book is fun and easy because you can customize your child’s learning activities. You can create a book that focuses on different subjects such as reading, writing, math, and other learning development activities. Having a book like this is great for road trips, doctor office visits, and anytime your child is bored and needs mental stimulation. While the idea behind an activity book is to engage your child in educational endeavors away from school, or maybe you just want to homeschool. Looking for the right materials can be a time-consuming task for a parent to put together the perfect book for their child. That is why I decided to create this post and put together some websites I’ve found to be helpful and free! Not only will you find all sorts of freebies, but I use these sites myself for the workbook I made for my own children.

Materials Needed:

  1. 3-ring binder with pockets
  2. 3-ring pencil case to put in the binder
  3. Clear sheet protectors
  4. Card stock
  5. lamination sheets
  6. plenty of standard paper
  7. plenty of ink in your printer!


You don’t need all the things on the list but it helps to have card stock and lamination sheets for activities you plan on using over and over again with your little ones. The clear sheet protectors allows you to place numerous sheets together in a group. This allows for easy navigation, less holes to punch, and you can put math activities together while the reading and writing activities can have their own space in the activity book. I also put neat little board games and matching games inside their own protector sleeve as well. Add  an attachable pencil case and fill it with crayons and pencils and now your binder is totally ready to go when you are.

Favorite Sites for Free Downloads:

I’ve searched all over for free downloads for the book I made for my children and come across several that not only provided plenty of free activities, but they were totally relevant for me and what I was looking for. In addition to these sites below you can check out my FREE DOWNLOADS page which I update periodically with fun activities. While most of these sites are dedicated to early learning skills and development (preschool and kindergarten), there are a few craft sites here that feature craft ideas for young children…afterall, they need to have fun while learning too!

  21. (mostly a site on relationship building but the link goes straight to the printables page)

I hope you have fun exploring the list and that you find lots of great resources. My goal for this list is that is provides many families the opportunity to keep early learning an ongoing experience. I think every child should have a great head start in life and part of that is learning early. Math, science, reading, writing, and art shouldn’t cost a parent a ton of money to do at home and kids shouldn’t have to go each summer doing a “data dump” either. I know this list was a long-time-coming and I’ve been wanting to do it for a year now but it’s finally done and I hope it helps many of you out there that may have been looking for a comprehensive list for early child development. Please also keep in mind that while many of these sites provide lots of free downloads, there is “paid” content on there as well. Some also require that you subscribe to their email list in order to download for free. To me, this is not an issue as I haven’t been overrun with spam from any of them. However, in my opinion, the value of all the websites together is worth a little mail.


Please note that I was not paid to provide this list by anyone or any of the site owners. I am not receiving any kind of payment from anyone for this blog post. The list of sites provided are those that I have personally used to create my own child workbook. I’ve done the work of looking up site after site after site so you don’t have to! Enjoy, have fun, and keep on learning!

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