About D.I.Y.erfy and Alice V

Once upon a time in a place not too far away lived a girl who grew up on a big imagination. Maybe it was because she didn’t have many toys or maybe it was to escape her three younger sisters? Either way the passion to write was always a part of her and she never let it go….

While she didn’t ever make it big as a writer you can find a set of short heartfelt stories for free that she wrote some time ago called Puppy Dog Tales. Or you may want to venture off into a world of chaos and zombies in Dead World. As you might have thought correctly, it is all about dogs and was written to promote the need to adopt sheltered pets and the importance of spaying or neutering your furry friends.

These days she writes about all the D.I.Y projects she does and if she’s not too distracted by daily life, will post tidbits of exploration here. In addition, she has two little dreamers, Princess and Princess Baby, who love to play and live in the fantasy kingdom of fun just like mom.

D.I.Y.erfy and Alice V, oh how did these 2 come to be? Well I suppose you can say that I love to make things. And my inspiration for the site came from all the boards and pins I collected over the recent years on pinterest. There were just so many cool things to do that I turned my baby shower into a big DIY project and created 2 video tutorials for little crepe paper flowers. Fast-forward to 2015 and the idea to put all those projects to the test and write about them came to mind and then the light bulb went off for the site. Thus D.I.Y.erfy was born… or something like that.


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