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As a mother of two little ones, finding valuable resources online to help them learn some of the basic things has been valuable to me. Some things children can start to learn as early as 1 year old is alphabet identification. One of my favorite books for this has been Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. While this book has been a valuable addition to our learning experience, I needed more once my children got older and started to color with crayons using actual control to draw shapes rather than just scribble on a page. I started looking for printable worksheets and activity books I could find in some of my favorite stores such as Costco and Dollar Tree. However I enjoyed the printable worksheets better for the obvious reason: you can print as many as you want! I even wrote a blog post on all of my favorite sites that you can download free printables from. You can check that post out HERE. I even started creating my own free printables which you can find HERE or at the top of this page under “Free Downloads.”

In my quest for early education, I started to create my own worksheets for my children and then came up with the idea to share those worksheets with the world! LOL. I created my worksheets to really highlight each letter and provide several big lines of traceable letters and included a coloring picture of an object that starts with that letter. Afterall, coloring is important too and it helps keep little ones engaged in the learning process.

I created my first ABC pack titled “Level 1” which you can purchase and download HERE or just click the picture below. These worksheets are designed to introduce alphabet tracing to children learning to write and identify the alphabet.


Many times when I would download alphabet activities I felt that they didn’t provide enough letter tracing, which is why I add 3 lines of tracing to each page.

In addition, there are a few mazes that are easy enough for beginners to do and helps with those thinking skills. I’ve also included a shapes introduction tracing activity, picture identifications, and a certificate of completion that you can download and present to your child once they’ve mastered all the worksheets in the pack. I thought this was a neat addition and gives a sense of accomplishment at the end. I am currently working on Level 2 pack and will have that ready for download in the next few weeks. The Level 1 collection is available for purchase for $5.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links including links to other parts of DIYerfy website and the Etsy shop where you can purchase and download this Preschool Alphabet Activity pack. 

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