5 Painting Tips from an Average Homeowner

Painting the walls of a room can really change the look without spending a lot of cash. Painting is an inexpensive way to try out new trends in home design and decor that can be easily erased by adding a different color of paint. If it’s so easy to do then it is also very easy to mess up.

If you’re like me then you probably love setting goals and accomplishing tasks. You enjoy a little DIY and probably have a Pinterest page full of things you want to do and some that you have. Painting your walls can be a simple project aimed at just changing the color of a room or as complex as adding textures to change the style of your walls. Having painted a wall or two in my life, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that have helped me along the way:

  1. Don’t be cheap. Buy the best brushes you can buy and the best rollers you can buy. the quality of the materials you use to apply paint with really affects the outcome of the paint when it dries. Cheaper brushes leave thicker and uglier brush strokes. Same goes for cheap rollers, they tend to leave blotches of paint behind that when dried, show where you rolled.

2. Prep it up. Prepping edges and trim is just as important as actually painting. Yes it’s time consuming and boring but it’s better to put the work into taping edges rather than accidentally painting your ceiling green. Clean cobbwebs and dirt away from corners and windows, you don’t want that mixing into your paint and getting stuck on your walls, do you?


Painters tape comes in different sizes and is easy to peel off walls later and keep edges clean.

3. Buy the right paint for the right room. Flat paint tends to look great but you can’t clean it as well as other paints and you will find yourself with a paint brush in hand later to touch-up places that have attracted dirt.¬†Flat paint is best in rooms that aren’t used as much or don’t require a lot of “movement.” If you scuff a wall that has flat paint on it then you’ll most like will have to repaint it to get rid of the marks. Eggshell and satins are great for bathrooms, kitchens and children’s bedrooms because you can clean these easily.

Creating Diamonds using tape and precise measurements.


4. Even coats for even application. Coat the roller with an even amount of paint. You’ll have to roll it a bit in the tray to get the right amount of paint.

5. Don’t “over-apply.” Apply even coats of paint onto a wall. Don’t go over the same section over and over again because you think you’re making the paint “even-out.” This will only create streaks and will look horrible when it dries. You really don’t need to go over fresh paint more than once. Let it dry and it will dry evenly and look nice.

And finally, the last tip on painting is to have a good time doing it. Remember, you’re painting to save some money on labor, don’t skimp on everything else and you’ll have a great-looking wall or room afterwards. Be creative and create designs, strips, shapes and remember that you can always paint over something you don’t like later so don’t worry about exploring the possibilities of what you can do with your walls. So bust out your favorite soundtrack and a margarita and have fun changing and updating the look in your room!

Create a sophisticated look with neutrals
One of our first painting projects was to paint our daughter’s room before she was born.

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