10 Things I didn’t know about being pregnant until I was pregnant!

I didn’t realize it has been nearly 3 years since I posted anything here but I guess that’s the Gemini in me, I’m all about it one day and then completely about something else the next day. Now that I have more time on my hands I think I will contribute more to this blog and stop being such a lazy butt. So to start on this all over again I give you…

10 Things I didn’t know about being pregnant until I was pregnant!

Now it is a known fact that most women experience certain side effects during pregnancy and the ones we all know about before we get pregnant are: nausea and vomiting in your first trimester which usually goes away in your second trimester, moodiness (I think this throughout the whole thing), and contractions when it’s time to pop out that baby! But there was so much more I didn’t know and I know I’m probably missing a lot on this list that you know but here’s what I’ve learned so far as I go through this strange transition to motherhood:

1. As your belly grows it stretches and it actually feels like its stretching! Sometimes you get little pains in your sides during the second trimester which I’ve read on several pregnancy apps that it is normal.

2. You start to feel the baby sooner than you think and it feels weird! At 15 weeks, I’m starting to feel a “rolling” sensation in my belly. It isn’t something I feel all the time but every once in a while it catches me off guard.

3. Your significant other should play a bigger role in your pregnancy than you think but at the same time, kick him out the house so you don’t kill each other! While It’s been great to have Peter do little things around the house for me which included helping me with household chores that I couldn’t do during my first trimester nausea sessions, I had to make him go play golf after I started getting better. It’s nice having him around and it’s nice to know he’ll give me back massages when I need them but it’s even nicer to have a Saturday to myself where we can enjoy a little bit of time apart. I can do my shopping and browsing like a normal woman and he can hang out with the guys for an afternoon, then later on we can talk about our day apart over hot chocolate while we settle in for a night of watching Lost on Netflix.

4. Your only pregnancy pap-smear is the best pap smear experience you’ll ever have because it’s super fast and it’s over before you even feel anything. Why can’t they all be like this?

5. Your teeth are more susceptible to gingivitis and gum diseases while your pregnant. Your gums are more sensitive and you may experience bleeding. I’ve read that you have to take extra care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day (I hope we all do this), flossing daily, and rinsing with a mouthwash. A few weeks ago my gums hurt after flossing but since I’ve been doing it more often they’re feeling better.

6. Everyday activities are like an extreme quad workout at the end of the day. Just yesterday I cleaned all three bathrooms in my house which included cleaning the toilet, sweeping and moping, and cleaning the sink and counters. Not bad, in fact I didn’t even break a sweat but later on that night when I woke up to go to one of my many potty breaks it felt like I worked out my legs to the point I could hardly walk! Up until yesterday I’ve been doing light cardio including yoga for 4 days a week at 30-50 minutes each day and I always felt fine but now that my body is changing even more, I guess I’m going to feel it also.

7. My super sensitive and ever growing breasts are still sensitive! Do they ever stop or does it continue throughout the whole pregnancy? I can’t even fit into my bras anymore and I’m contemplating buying new ones. Sports bras are awesome to sleep in because they hold them together and keep them from hurting as much when you get up in the morning.

8. You’ll start to get contractions weeks before your due date but keep the count because you’re not ready yet. This is bothersome for a new mom-to-be because I read you have to keep your mind off it and do other things while your body prepares to deliver…in advance.

9. Even if you aren’t showing, you shouldn’t lift anything heavy. Now I do know that pregnant women shouldn’t lift heavy things but I thought that only applied to you after your belly starts to grow. Learned the hard way from someone else who semi-lifted their 60 lb. dog and had to go to the emergency after because she said it felt like she tore something. Luckily the doctors didn’t find anything wrong but let that be a lesson to us to keep the lifting light at all times.

10. The unborn baby generates its own kind of waste inside you. Sounds gross but it makes sense since the baby is eating the nutrients provided to it. Has to end up somewhere, right?

So that’s my list for things I didn’t know about being pregnant until I was pregnant. Feel free to share!

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